Lesson Learned

I have been busy perfecting my word pronunciation, finding my optimum voice and faking my confidence these past few weeks, robbing me of the time to read, write and blog. One of the things that I’d like to write about, though, is that I already have a prospective job after almost a month of being idle and worthless.

The last four weeks really tested my patience and will to land a job. Part of being employed in my current company is going through a rigid communications training to neutralize our accent. It wasn’t easy, even taking me three attempts before I got certified. I can’t even imagine that I have endured the idea of failing the Certification twice, that’s why having passed the third communication assessment was like winning a trophy. My heart was throbbing and my knees were shaking as the trainer announced the passers.

I am also fortunate enough to meet Leah, one of our trainers, who made me realize that in order for me to get away from something bad, stepping out is not the solution but stepping up. This is so true because I don’t want to be a simple call center agent for a long time. Had I known this before, I probably wouldn’t have left my old job and aimed instead for a higher position. The good thing is that I am about to get a new one and I’m going to make it right this time.


15 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. congratulations! i got your message but my mobile fb chat was acting weird.
    would you know which program you’ll be with?

    I’ve been with this industry for a really looooong time, sometimes i think i’ve been here long enough to quit, but then again quitting is not an option to quit.

    don’t worry, i know this industry like the back of my hand, if you need pointers, i’d be more than happy to help you. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah. I won’t hesitate to ask for some help if I need to.

      I was supposed to sign my JO today but I decided not to, because my “impacted tooth” is aching so bad and the left half of my face is swollen. You won’t even recognize me. Haha. I still need some time for the swelling to subside before I undergo a minor dental surgery if I need to. I will be calling Leejoy, a girl from GCMA, when I get well. I just hope that this won’t take a month, or else I’ll get broke.

  2. Haha. Oo nga naman. Good point! If you hate don’t like the boss, why not be the boss? Level up kung level up. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on the certification, and good luck with the training you are currently on (?), or whatever that may be.

    May the force be with you!

    • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend my training because of my “impacted tooth” :[ But it’s a relief, though, knowing that soon after I get OK, I already have promising job to look forward to. :]

      Thanks, Raymond.

      • I know, but it’s really something I wana do πŸ™‚
        If it weren’t for my kontrabidang ama, I may be working as a cc agent by now. Things aren’t always what we want them to be eh πŸ™‚

        Enjoy your work Jerro! GBU!
        “Follow excellence, success will chase you, pants down!” – Rancho Chadchad, 3 Idiots

      • Ok. So what’s keeping you busy as of this time? I think you will be a good call center agent, because the industry needs ‘smart’ people, not just people who happened to know English. πŸ˜€

      • What’s keeping me busy? Nothing. Lol. Busy isn’t the right word for me, I’m the laid-back type πŸ™‚

        Thanks for that, now I think I wont get hired, hahaha. Is it really necessary to be smart? Now my hopes are gone 😦

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