Posted in January 2011

I am Afraid of Fiction

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a fictional work. It was not even because I wanted to but because I was still serving as an EIC of our school paper back then, and I needed to fill in some empty spaces. I can no longer remember what I had written exactly. But … Continue reading

The iPad Killer

I have mentioned before on one of my posts that I was planning to buy my self a laptop so that my online life would be a lot easier. However, being an impulsive buyer that I am, I changed my mind upon seeing the new Samsung Wave 2 Pro. I had had a great time … Continue reading


The first two days of my training with my new company made me realize two things which I think can help me get through the Year 2011 alive. First, I should never let anyone bring me down. Second, if I want to get away from something, the only way should not be getting out but … Continue reading