I have been suffering from the pain of an “impacted tooth” for three days now. Hence my first ever visit to a dentist. Yes, it was my first time and I dread that it won’t be my last because my bratty “wisdom tooth” is not getting any better. In fact the left half of my face is already swollen due to the irritation and infection it must have caused to my jaw and surrounding muscles.

Now, I just can’t help but frown whenever I see my self in the mirror. Eating has also become a difficult thing to do because I can’t open my mouth so well. Chewing is also a pain because my jaw hurts everytime it does much work. This is pure agony I can hardly sleep at night.

What concerns and scares me the most, though, is the idea that I might need to visit the dentist again if my condition doesn’t get well. Yeah, I have hated going to the dentist even when I was still a child but the scariest part is that I hardly have enough money for the check-ups, drugs and surgery needed to rid me of this pain forever.

And to make my situation worst, I wasn’t able to attent my Job Offer and Product Training yesterday. I know that there is nothing to worry about because I will be simply transferred to another batch of trainees once I finally become fit to work again. But the thought that I still have that long a time to start making some money is killing me

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8 thoughts on “Impact.

  1. Coincidentally, I have been abusing the term “bratty” for the past couple of days, kaya napahagalpak ako nung ma-encounter ko ito sa post mo.

    Impaktong tooth, impakto ka talaga! Ang hirap siguro ano? Kaya I’m so bracing myself na for the coming of my wisdom teeth. Sana hindi nila ako pahirapan.

    Get well soon, Jerro. πŸ™‚

    P.S. I love dentists even if they so remind me of this film. Oh, and what’s with the ‘Anak ni Janice’ tag? Nakaka-LOL ka! Hahaha! πŸ˜€

    • actually medyo OK na ang pakiramdam ko ngayon. pabalik na sa normal ang form ng mukha ko, nakapag-Podium pa nga ako kanina. haha. at regarding sa word na “bratty” na first time ko ginamit sa buong buhay ko, trip ko lang. :] jejeje

  2. guess ur not having a good day lately eh?
    get well soon brodah….sayang yang work…buti nalang wala na akong ipin..pinatanggal ko na.sagabal kasi sa love life.

  3. I’m gonna be 28 and I still don’t have the courage to have my dentist pull my wisdom teeth, all four of them! They’re still growing but since my “panga” is big, my mouth has room for them. So the pain is bearable!

    Jerro (Jem?), you really have to go to the dentist more often to be immuned. Haha.

    • Good for you. Eh ako, maliit lang ang bibig ko. Hay. Pero nagsa-subside na ang swelling, at ‘pag ayos na talaga, dun ko malalaman kung ipapatanggal o hindi muna. Babalik siguro ako sa dentist one of these days para sa checkup at certificate na ipapakita ko sa trabaho. :]

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