Posted in April 2011

The First Detour

Of all the overrated things I know in life, Starbucks is the only place I keep coming back to however expensive their coffee and other beverages might be. But this is not solely about Starbucks and the way I love their Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee. More than just a home for expensive but delicious … Continue reading

Pornographic Story II

ILUSYON 03/01/10 Bihag mo ako sa isang panaginip Rehas na ikaw ang may gawa. Silid ko’y pinasok mo ng pilit, Inangkin, ipiniit ng walang sala. – Alindog mo’y sadyang kay lupit Binulag aking mga mata Nawawalan na ng bait Sa bawat kilos mo’y nadadala. – Haplos ng iyong  mga kamay, Tumatagos sa aking dibdib. Puso’t … Continue reading


Heading to the fifth floor of our building is the first thing I do when I get to work at night. It has already been a nightly routine but it means something more to me than just breathing cool air and resting after a one hour trip from home. It is the only time of … Continue reading

Literary Angst 2.0

Writing has long been a source of pleasure and fulfillment for me. I may be the most socially awkward introvert in the planet but when I write, I feel different. It’s as if every inhibition in my body vanishes as I follow my stream of thoughts and ideas. However, writing had also caused me a … Continue reading

The Neighbor Cat

This is the neighbor-cat who always meets me on the doorway during the night when I go to work, and in the morning when I get home. Isn’t she cute?

Nicotine+Caffeine Overload

I started using one of my nicotine transdermal patches this morning. I was at Blenz Coffee to kill time as my best friend does his work. At first I was skeptical on using it but I was eventually able to convince my self to do it. It said on the label that it needs to … Continue reading


For the sake of honesty, I would just like to inform you, readers, that I’ve been smoking again. It’s such a shame, I know, because I have mentioned two months ago in one of my post that I would be quitting. I was able to abstain for a month, at least, but being surrounded by … Continue reading

Loose Ends

With each passing day, I feel more and more distant from all the things that used to matter to me. This may be the reason why it has become so easy for me to leave things behind. I have abandoned three jobs already. And it’s been my sickness to unfriend people whom I’ve never considered … Continue reading

Read or Die.

Reading books is one of the things that I have been missing out for the past few months, since I have already become busy with my new job–still in the call center industry because this is the most productive thing I can do for a living. So far, I am happy with how things have … Continue reading

The Tale of Two Hamsters

Wednesday night last week. I bought a pair of hamsters for me and my best friend. We have been together for almost a year now so I decided to buy something to mark our first year anniversary, aside from the cute little Tedi Bear I gave him upon returning to Manila from a two-day visit … Continue reading