November. December. January. February. March. April. May. I still have seven months to work and save money for my studies. The thing is, I have been in the call center industry for over a year now but I still haven’t saved up enough. Yes, money comes easily every 15th and 30th day of the month, but life here in the Metro has proven to be not so pocket-friendly. I have to pay for everything: rent, food, fare, and some occasional thrills I am treating myself for. It would’ve been easier for me if I just stayed at home and depended on my parents, but after four years of wasting my college life for something that I didn’t like, I already know better.

Information Technology, my course before, was fine. But I just couldn’t see myself working with computers for a very long time. I wanted to write stories, prose, poems–not long computer programs that didn’t even make sense to me. It is too late, though. I no longer want to be a writer. Pumurol na ako. Blogging, in a way, has helped me sustain my love for writing. I write. I read. I blog. My appreaciation for the written word remains untainted, yet I am no longer confident in pursuing writing as a profession. I have already made up my mind to take Advertising and Public Relations next school year.

Money won’t be a problem for me. I am an able person. Working while studying is not something new to me. I am confident that I can find ways to sustain my study without being much of a burden to my parents, though I am still determined to raise funds to kick-start my life in college. I really want to finish my studies. The last time I had attended a graduation ceremony was 12 years ago, when I graduated from elementary school. See, I’m not an intelligent person after all.


18 thoughts on “Foiled

  1. Well if you are not an “intelligent person after all” how did you get this far?? Just a thought if you have computing qualifications, why not use them to fund your next course. There is more money in IT even part time than in a call centre! Keep writing you are worthy!! :o) xx

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