I just received my payslip for the previous pay-out and I wasn’t happy with what I saw. Of course, I wasn’t anticipating anything different since I have spent half of money already. I just got sad for maybe a minute, remembering the well-paying jobs I’ve had squandered before. I thought that, maybe if just didn’t give up on my previous jobs, I would’ve already been a Quality Analyst or a Trainer by now, and earning twice as much I am receiving with my current company.

But the deed has already been done. I have also written enough about those days, so I immediately shrugged off the idea and instead thought of the things that makes me happier at the moment. I remembered the days when I was jobless and worthless, how I struggled to get myself a job, how I got here, and how I finally got myself a position in the company. For the first time in my two months of stay here, I felt thankful because life seems to be turning on my favor again. Life may not be perfect but I am confident that I am doing things right this time.

I just found the perfect account for me where I get to talk to people who share one of my passions: books. Compared to the customers of the previous accounts I have handled before, I find our customers friendlier, smarter, and they seem to be more refined. In fact, I haven’t experienced any verbal aggression from any customer yet, which makes things lighter because I get to close almost all of my calls with a smile.

I know that I still have to endure at least six months of being a customer rep before I can actually apply for any promotion. That is my target because I don’t really want to fret each time I see the figures on my bank account. Maybe, this is karma at work because of all the things I have done before. But karma has its own perks. Money is not an issue as long as I am enjoying my job–and I really do. I have good customers. I got free WiFi for my Droid at work. I can read any book I want using our e-reader device. And I get to update my blog during idle times. Like this.


18 thoughts on “Karma

  1. I beg to disagree on calling it karma. We all make decisions that have our thoughts as grounds. We don’t just end up with decisions for nothing. At the end of the day, the best thing is the thing that we have. We need to look ahead of us, far beyond what there seems to be.

  2. Hello , attitude, attitude is all and you have the right one! To be happy at work goes a long way as we spend so long at work. I know we need money to live but as long as you have enough to pay the bills and eat and go out maybe once a week. Meeting good friends does not need to be expensive. That said I like you writing style it is like a comfortable conversation! xxx Power to your pen!!

  3. nice to have a job that you love, so I’d say what you have is much better pa rin that your previous ones. Besides, you learned a lot from your past experiences so they still brought something good to your life.

    good luck, and I pray that you will get the promotion you’ve been wishing soon. 🙂

  4. I just got regularized after five months, and now am handling a new account — still with travel shiz. And I’m told there’ll be an opening for an account SME, February next year. So there. I might apply for the position as well. haha.

    Man, let’s sweat on it.

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