Posted in September 2008


I still love you. Is that what you want to hear? That tonight like any other night, I think of you? But I know that you can’t hear me, nor will you answer if I’ll write you another letter. But I will write anyway. And this one is for you. It’s raining here tonight and … Continue reading


I’ve been disturbed for months about the loss of my beloved “incubator” notes. I was really horrified upon suspecting, and eventually proving that it was. Lost. I used to carry it with me always so that I could write whatever it is that shoots through my mind. It was my “incubator.  It also contains a … Continue reading


I wasn’t expecting any good thing to happen as my day drew to a close but playing Sarah Mclachlan’s song, Ordinary Miracle this early morning must’ve done the trick. Haha! Anyway, I was really euphoric that THE EIC POST IS MINE!!! That means I have retained my position as the chief editor of our school … Continue reading

Yuping Pangarap

I wasn’t able to buy a new issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer today. I’ve run out of money so I just resorted to scanning my back issues for some interesting articles i might have overlooked–and there it was the “KWENTONG PEYUPS” of the University of the Philippines, in full color. I was curious and stupid … Continue reading

pornographic story…

I made this poem when I was in first year college. No other person has read this one, but I just feel like posting it now because there isn’t anything funny about it, i think. *wink* In loving silence of the night We lie awake in blissful light Our souls are bare and we are … Continue reading


a poem for margie…the lass who made and broke my heart… Under the moonlit skies My heart cries out of pain. Coiled in corner, quivering, Dying cold in vain. As I tried to whimper I could not make a sound, Feeling every piece of me Sink deep beneath the ground. My memory gently wanders Back … Continue reading

literary angst

I don’t know if there really is such thing but the dumb term clearly defines the state I’m in now, the feeling of dismay and anguish whenever I try to write but no words come flowing from the tip of my pen. Sometimes I feel like crumpling my journal like crazy and dunk it straight … Continue reading


I’ll never be surprised if, one of these days, I find myself in a mental ward or asylum. The fact that I’m thinking about these things only proves that I’m literally getting mad. See, I’m growing very much tired of life. It just doesn’t make any more sense to me. The despair of living is … Continue reading