Shift Happens

Moving to Grammar Killer from my previous blog, Cosmic Glitch, wasn’t an easy thing for me. I have already wasted more than a dozen of blog domains, each bearing its own significance and meaning to me, and it pains me to know that another awesome blog of mine had to die. However, I found the switch inevitable because I have been receiving a lot of Facebook messages from people who didn’t have to know, pestering me about some of the stuff I had published on Cosmic Glitch.

I was very careful at first. Although my previous blogs were all personal, I tried not to expose myself completely. I wrote only about those things safe enough for me to share. But as the days went by, my loneliness also worsened that I found it necessary to unload some emotional baggage I have been carrying by writing some of the things I have long been keeping to myself. Some were pleased that I was becoming more honest; some were quite surprised that the guy they’ve known before has already changed into a “monster,” as one of my exes called me.

I realized that it’s true however cliche it may be: I cannot please everybody. Well, I don’t have to and I’m not even trying. I could have just stayed where I was and just ignore the people who just won’t let me live. But I decided to just set the boundary, though it’s not the only reason why I transferred to a new blog. The shift is not just for me to hide my blog from people I don’t trust (a.k.a people who know me personally) but also for me to start afresh. This is my disease: starting all over again. The idea of permanence doesn’t appeal much to me.

Honestly, I have been dying to move to this blog before, but I was skeptical since I wasn’t sure if “Grammar Killer” is something I came up with myself, or I just read it somewhere. Yeah, I am like that sometimes. Sign of ageing, perhaps. In fact, I had to ask K first to be sure that it’s, ok, my own idea. After a few days and several blog posts, I am slowly getting used to my new blog. It’s thyme to move on. Cosmic Glitch, together with all the other blogs I have loved before, is dead. I am now Grammar Killer.

Who am I gonna be next?


20 thoughts on “Shift Happens

  1. This is my disease: starting all over again.

    I’m thinking about starting again too. A lot has happened and I feel like I’m in a time trap right now. I’m find it hard to move out, to move on.

  2. “The idea of permanence doesn’t appeal much to me.” – Sa akin nag-a-appeal siya in terms of blogging or dahil sa katamaran to let everyone know that I moved to a different blog na. Pero sa case mo understandable naman bilang popular ka na at may detractors ka na, yezzz sign yun.

  3. Every time I write something that I doubt I can truly identify with, I get to a very long pause before hitting that publish button. I too have been constantly pestered with the desire to start fresh (in fact I own several urls here in WP, haha!), but in the end I’m still too lazy to push through. Glad to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  4. Ang tagal mo nang naitanong sa akin ‘yun a. Bakit ngayon lang? LOL

    I particularly like the last line. Sa tingin ko, kahit anong subdomain pa iyang puntahan mo, there will always be something that tells your readers: “This is so Jerro.” Lipat lang nang lipat habang libre pa. Hehe

  5. Parang “No Other Woman” ‘tong post na ‘to ah, ang daming quotabe quotes hihi! 😉

    I know the feeling of wanting to delete the old one and start afresh (though not for the same reasons as yours hihi!). Since yours is a personal blog, i think it’s just right to do the switch if writing in CG doesn’t make you feel comfortable in sharing your thoughts. I support your move and will continue to read your blog whatever your domain name is. Naks! Iyak naman dyan^_^

  6. well, wherever you may go, i still somehow find your blog. alam ko na kasi pag matagal ka di nagupdate. that means lumipat ka na and I have to find you. I did just that, didn’t I?

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