Weekend on a Friday

Because of the shifting night schedule, my body is starting to do some bad tricks. Without any reason, I awoke four in the morning today. My best friend was still asleep, curled up in his favorite corner of the bed we’ve been sharing for over a year now. I repositioned my body on the mattress, closed my eyes, tried to clear my mind, but sleep didn’t come.

Instead of doing nothing, I decided to prepare the laundry. I divided the clothes into four sets: whites, colored, shorts/underwear, and jeans. This has been my early morning routine every second day of my off from work, so that I could finish everything, get to rest,  and still go out if I want to.  But not this early, though.

I soaked the white clothes in a pale of water for fifteen minutes. Instead of waiting for the dirt to loosen up, I did the same thing with my colored shirts and polo. After a quarter of an hour, I wringed the excess water off the whites, half-filled  the pale with clean tap water and poured a whole sachet of Surf Detergent Powder. The solution was for the second soaking of the white clothes which would take about an hour.

The colored clothes didn’t need soaking  for the second time. Instead, I just had to squeeze off the water from them, pour clean water and detergent into the basin, and hand-wash them all using my bare hands. I gave special attention to the collars , underarms, and sleeves. Because of the pre-soak, I was still able to wash my shorts, boxers and briefs using the detergent solution used for the colored clothes.

I always save the best for last. I washed all the white clothes after rinsing the colored ones, underwear, and jeans. All these I was able to do in just two hours. Doing the laundry by hand is not a fun thing to do but I feel a certain kind of satisfaction and relief whenever I hang the clothes to dry. It’s a reminder that the week has officially ended. Yeah, my week ends today. Tomorrow, I’ll be working again. How good is that?


11 thoughts on “Weekend on a Friday

  1. This reminded me of how Murakami talked about ironing in super fine detail (sa Kafka ata. not sure.) There’s something very therapeutic about systematic chores. Nakakapagod lang when you have to do it, I guess. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean I get a satisfaction hanging clothes out on the line and I have used the washing machine…all credit to you doing it all by hand! I also get the same feeling after ironing a pile of clothes..I hate ironing!! Again another lovely blog…. I love you best friend too what is his name? XX

  3. hmmmm very nice and vivid. it’s as if i was beside you while watching you do your laundry. watch lang ha because i don’t do the laundry myself. I think i’ve done it for less than 5 times and those were when we couldn’t find a laundrywoman to replace the last one who decided to stop doing our laundry.

    I am planning to get a washing machine one of these days for emergency purposes. hehe.

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