Night Shit

Working on a night shift in the Bonifacio Global City area has always been a hassle for me. It is quite close to the city where I live in, but still I would have to go to work four hours in advance lest I wouldn’t be able to catch the last FX from Pasig to Taguig. This is one of the things I hate about my job, because it always feels like I am doing over-time every day. What’s even worse is my tendency to consume more sticks of cigarette for something to do and for killing the idle time, since I found it really difficult to resume my rest in the sleeping quarters of the company.

Quitting from smoking has always been an issue for me. In fact, I have already written a lot of posts about it in the hope that it would motivate me from killing the habit once and for all. I had even considered using nicotine patches and electronic cigarette.

But the idea of fooling myself out of my vice didn’t appeal to me. Instead, I thought of ways so that I could keep myself away from the temptation, and that is walking as far as I can from the office during those idle hours. It’s a good thing that Bonifacio Global City has well-paved roads. Now I know why running is such a big thing among the people in the community.

Whether be it day or night, I always see people running or walking. I even thought of  starting to participate in one of the recent running activities to test if running is something that I can actively do. The only problem is that I have never bought or worn running shoes before, and I also don’t want to spend a big chunk of my monthly salary buying a bulky pair of sports shoes–which is one of the no-nos in my fashion list. I think, I will be sticking with walking in the mean time because it is something I can do whether I am wearing my leather shoes or my sneakers.

I didn’t know that walking would be such a great help for me. This way, I was able to divert my attention to other things and not think of smoking. It was difficult at first, but soon walking began to have a deeper meaning to me. For me, it is a liberating experience walking aimlessly just by myself. I may be doing it just by myself, but I don’t feel completely alone, because what surrounds me is a vast concrete jungle, and it feels good to realize that I am actually a part of something good.


8 thoughts on “Night Shit

  1. Good for you walking is an excellent exercise! Have you an ipod you could listen to your music while you walk. I love to do that! If you ever want to run Asics Gels are brilliant running shoes always buy them a size larger than you normally take. They are expensive but they are very comfortable and not only support your feet but also your whole body. I use them for physio in the gym but they are running shoes. You can get them at sale prices if you are prepared to wear the older styles.
    As to smoking it is very hard and everyone approaches it differently I went complete cold turkey as, they say. I have not smoked for over 9yrs and do not want too.Good luck with the giving up and I mean that!
    great post also sorry that I have rambled on so!! xx

  2. tama yan. mainam daw ang paglalakad para sa pag-iisip ng mga bagay-bagay ayon sa paborito kong prop sa ethics noon. perambulation pa nga ang tawag niya dun, akala ko naman medical term or something, e gusto niya lang palang ipasikat ang vocabulary niya. hahaha.

  3. Nakakarelate ako dito, madalas ako maglakad lalo na kung di naman kalayuan yung pupuntahan ko. Sabi nga ni Johnny Walker eh “Keep walking.” By the way I used to work in a call center and I’m just glad na hindi na ako nagtatrabaho sa gabi 🙂

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