Withdrawal Method 2

I may not have been a very good boy the past year, but I am really proud of myself having ended my smoking vice even before year 2011 came to a close. Quitting was really difficult at first. Initially, I took things slowly but surely but it didn’t work for me. I tried to gradually reduce my cigarette consumption each day only to regress and get back to my old habit. That’s the time I realized I had to make it abrupt. It really hurt, literally and figuratively. I felt like I was going crazy out of craving and deprivation, but self discipline and will power got me through those crazy nights.

Now, cigarette smoking no longer has any hold on me. Yes, I still know how good it feels, the sophistication and pleasure it brings, but I no longer miss those things at all. A lot of people were greatly pleased with my accomplishment, especially my best friend. It means that he no longer has to taste the cigarette each time he kisses me. I also noticed that my pimple breakouts, despite my stressful work and inadequate sleep, were lessened. And most importantly, I no longer experience shortness of breath, one thing that really alarmed me before.

I am still not letting my guards down, though, because there are still many things in the workplace that might cause me to get back to smoking again. There are former smoking buddies who still keep on teasing me into smoking even just a stick, the stressful work that consistently calls for endorphin boost, and the usual mode of loneliness I am usually on that sets me in the mood for smokin’, drinkin’, or some lovin’. ^^


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