Things started to go smoothly between me and Rue. The awkward moments whenever we see each other lessened, and he began to hangout with me during his breaks. If he was nice before, he became even nicer to me after that unexpected meeting in the fx. Because of the sudden change, I couldn’t help but be more attached to him.

I thought that maybe he liked me too. Why would he show signs of interest, anyway? Or was I just assuming too much, giving meaning to all the things he’s doing? Nevertheless, it reassured me that I was on the right track. I wasn’t expecting anything more than friendship, though. I didn’t really have any plan of asking him out until one day, during one of our team after-shift drinking sessions. We were already about to go home when his team mates invited him for a drink. He couldn’t just leave me hanging so he asked me come over, too. I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. We just passed the Academy Bay training, so why not grab some drink to celebrate?

Nothing much happened. We got drunk. I got drunk and sang a few songs. Before midnight, everybody went home drunk. He and I shared a taxi on our way home. I was anxious because there was a questions inside my head that I have been dying to ask him. As we near our destination, the anxiety intensified until I couldn’t take it anymore I asked without him without any further ado.

“Rue , may partner ka na ba sa Bulacan.”

“Mayroon na.”

“Ah okay.”

Then there was silence. It was after a few minutes when he spoke again.

“Bakit mo naitanong?”

“Wala naman,” I lied.

The next morning, I had my head shaved out of disgust with myself.


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