Posted in May 2011

Of Reading Murakami

My first encounter with Murakami was when my best friend lent me his Dance, Dance, Dance—a metaphysical detective story about an unnamed protagonist and his search for the truth behind the disappearance of a woman she had loved, starting from a hotel where it all started. By reading Murakami for the first time, I can … Continue reading

Full Circle

It was also during this time of the year, a few days before June 2010, when I first set my foot in Manila to find my luck in the call center industry. Failure greeted me during my first attempt. I got turned down by the first center I had applied to because I wasn’t able … Continue reading

Goodbye Apathy

I was really pleased to have found a new job just eight days after I got sacked from my previous work. That is enough to boost my sense of self-worth a little bit after a week of super-depression and apathy. On the other hand, my current financial state is already alarming because in a day … Continue reading

Logging Out

I just lost my job last Tuesday, and though I don’t feel like owing anyone an explanation, I feel sorry because I will no longer be able to join you guys, Bianca, Jed and Nyl, wearing a red lanyard because I wasn’t able to make it. Partly, it was my fault because of my three absences … Continue reading