The iPad Killer

I have mentioned before on one of my posts that I was planning to buy my self a laptop so that my online life would be a lot easier. However, being an impulsive buyer that I am, I changed my mind upon seeing the new Samsung Wave 2 Pro. I had had a great time with the phone for two weeks before I came up to a decision to replace it with a Samsung Corby Pro due to some major firmware glitches and malfunctions.

A few days after I had bought my Samsung Wave, I quit my job. And to make myself feel good despite my loss, I again decided to visit Greenhills in the hope that I might find something which could make me smile. I was also searching for a protective jelly case for my Samsung Corby when I found a stall selling mini Android OS tablets for only P 4000 each. I was really thrilled. I just inquired about the specs and downsides, bought it and had it loaded up with several Android Apps which I eventually deleted because I didn’t like too much crap to occupy its memory.

The Android Tablet I have is also popular in other countries as Android iRobot. Mine has 256MB of memory (expandable) and runs on an Android 2.2 OS. One of the good things I like about it is that it’s really user-friendly. I was able to explore all of its functions in less than an hour because of its simplicity. But since it’s only a “China” version of the iPad, the iRobot can be really sluggish sometimes. However, I found it still tolerable and decided to economize when it comes to memory and the applications installed in order to achieve optimum performance.

Now, I can say that I am already satisfied with my iRobot tablet. I can conveniently surf the net when there is Wifi connection available. I also have games to keep me busy and entertained. But the most helpful applications that I have are the Quick Office which lets me create Office Documents easily, Opera Mini 10 for speedy browsing of web pages; Facebook app which has Chat function, and the Wordpress Android App which enables me to create drafts offline and manage posts and comments, and many more.

If you are also planning to buy an iRobot tablet, I would advise you to be playful and really patient. One thing that will surely disappoint you is that not all the Android applications can work on it. It also cannot download straight from the official Android Market. I had to do some research of unofficial sites of Android downloadables to find the perfect programs to suit my needs. This, however, doesn’t make the iRobot Tablet a pain in the neck. Again, it still depends on the end-user.


20 thoughts on “The iPad Killer

  1. A friend of mine asked me to buy this for her last month. She wanted it as a personal entertainment device of sorts, and her mother disapproved of the idea. However, my friend was really persuasive.

    Kaya naman nakipagsiksikan ako sa 168 mall para ibili sya. In total, it ran for about 4,500 covering the unit itself, the leather case with keyboard, and an 8 gb memory card.

    When she received it, she found it hard to use and was quite disappointed with the sluggish performance; at yung nanay nyang kumontra nung una, sya na ang nakinabang at naadik sa paglalaro ng Plants vs. Zombies. Ayaw na ibigay dun sa friend ko. Hahaha!

    • yeah..di siya ganun kabilis, so yung mga important apps lang ang nilalagay ko :] meron din ako Plants vs Zombies pero di ko nilalaro. mas naadik ako dun sa Gate Keeper, isang tower defense game.

  2. Two weeks after I bought a new laptop, I also resigned. What does that tell people about us? Haha.

    **dumederecho ba talaga sa spam comment ko? Pasensya sa multiple comments. Naiirita much na ko sa Akismet.

  3. Two weeks after I bought a new laptop, I also resigned. What does that tell people about us? Haha.

    **last try na to. Potaragis na Akismet. Sorry nagkakalat ako Jem. If ever nasa spam queue yung iba, paki delete nalang ng lahat. Hihi.

  4. This is pretty neat considering that it’s less than 5000 bucks. Planning to get myself one but I have a If-it’s-not-a-Mac-it’s-not-worth-spending-money-on techie friend who’s been discouraging me from getting this.

  5. I have one like this at home na gamit ko lang for ebook reading. Battery runs out so fast that I have to make sure it’s plugged and charging while I’m using it para di mabitin sa binabasa. I also always have to reset it because palaging nagha-hang. 😦 I don’t know what’s wrong with it kasi you seem to be enjoying your unit. Ako, ayun, I just decided I will buy a netbook para convenient pa rin to read ebooks at di malaki dalhin.

    teka, pano mo nakuha ang mga games mo? what sites did you go to? email me naman! 🙂

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