The first two days of my training with my new company made me realize two things which I think can help me get through the Year 2011 alive. First, I should never let anyone bring me down. Second, if I want to get away from something, the only way should not be getting out but moving up.

I have always believed that I was a strong person. That is because I don’t easily give up whenever something bad happens, or if people go against me. What I didn’t know was that everything was building up inside me: when the time comes that I can no longer hold it, I just suddenly break down and squander things. This was the reason why I left my job.

At first, I was convinced that everything was going to be okay. My coach didn’t like me. My team-mates thought I was weird. I didn’t care. I did my job, performed well, when I suddenly realized how miserable and hopeless I was. Depression easily does that to me and I cannot just sit back and let it control me. I have to do something before the whole thing happens again before I even start my new career.

Being a call center agent, I admit, is the only thing I can do for now to survive. And I don’t see giving up my job three times in a row to have done me any good. I think it will be better if I would find my self a shark to chase me, motivate me to swim forward and not to drown.

What kind of shark will it be, then? I am yet to find out.


11 thoughts on “Shark

  1. Heeeey, you don’t have to worry about people who don’t like you when you know you haven’t done anything wrong to upset them. I say next time this happens to you, instead of feeling bad about not being liked, try finding someone who would, who would tell you that they were the weird ones.

    Anyways, good luck with your new job!

  2. Of all the animals out in the wild, why in the world did you choose sharks?

    Haha. Wala lang, gusto ko lang guluhin ang isip mo in an effort to make you smile.

    And I do hope that this time around, you get to find your happy place na; oh, and the kind of shark that you’re looking for too–ano ba gusto mo, hammerhead, wobbegong, basking, tiger, great white, o uubra na rin ang sharksfin siomai? LOL.

    Okay, that was corny. I’ll get out of your hair na. šŸ˜›

    • Thanks Raymond. You just made me :] hehe. I chose shark because of the fact that I can’t swim. I was inspired to write a post upon listening to the song Swim by Jack’s Mannequin.
      That explains it.

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