The plan was to spend my last off from work alone. I could have just stayed at home, spoken to no one, and slept all day, but I chose to go out and treat myself for something good. I thought that I really need this time to be just myself. To think, perhaps. Or just to escape from all the familiar things that I am used to, including my best friend.

I really wanted to go out for a drink, but it’s still too early, so I just headed to Trinoma Mall. I brought my phone, charger, and my J’s copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. These were all I needed to pass the time. My first stop at the mall was the Mental apparel store. I have already done my shopping yesterday, so I didn’t have any intention of buying more clothes. I just wanted to see my favorite shirts, that’s all. ^^

I also visited Fully Booked and reserved for my J a copy of Haruki Murakami’s upcoming new book on October 25, 1Q84. There was  an elegant guest lounge outside the store where I rested for a few minutes, updated my Facebook, and checked my Scruff droid app for any cute guys nearby. There were a few messages on my Scruff inbox from some interested guys but they were all offline. Sayang.

I tried visiting the Starbucks Cafe located in the open sky garden of Trinoma Mall. Just as expected, all the tables were already occupied. There were a lot of vacant seats outside the cafe but I wouldn’t pay for an overpriced coffee and drink it under the heat of the sun. Luckily, I found a decent bar that serves Italian coffee and gelato.

Gelatissimo, after my having tasted their delicious gelato, chocolate cake and fruit shake, became an instant favorite. The place was comfy enough, had a clean rest room, and allowed me to smoke outside. I was pleased to know that they have just recently opened their Serendra BGC branch. Close to work. Good stuff.

I enjoyed reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I enjoyed my food. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful people passing by outside. I was enjoying everything when J called and told me that he would like to visit me. Letse. Magpaparty pa ako.


18 thoughts on “Gelatissimo

  1. Huwaw! An amazing day! Inggit naman akey, stay at home ang drama ko this weekend, hindi ko alam san napunta yung sahod ko nung 30th tae.
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your new book too^_^

      • Naka-leave ako ngayon e hehe! Dadamayan kita next week sa pagbubuno ng baliktad nating oras^_^ ok ba talaga yang To Kill A Mockingbird? Lagi ko yan nakikita sa Fully Booked eh.

      • Kaunting pahina pa lamang ang nababasa ko, kaya ‘di ko pa masyado malaman ang istorya. Pero OK siya magsulat. Isinulat ‘to dati pa, kaya ‘di ko masisisi ang may akda kung may mga bagay na ‘di akma sa aking panlasa. Hehe. I’ll tell you. :]

  2. A day of solitude is a dream of mine! Nice. Besides, Gelatissimo and Harper Lee make a perfect combination. Nothing can go wrong with a great book on a lazy day, really. Good to know you finally had your well-deserved rest.

  3. Gelatissimo is pag-ibig. Kumuha ka ba ng loyalty card? O pang-gelato lang ba yun? Pinaka-matino na yung Trinoma for me! I’ve been to their Serendra and Greenbelt branches pero babalik at babalik tayo sa Norte!

  4. lovely day! what more can you ask for right? i actually had my first taste of gelatissimo in cebu. awesome stuff there. you know, i have always wanted to read to kill a mockingbird. i have probably heard of it a thousand times. maybe i would really, really get myself a copy this time.

  5. to kill a mockingbird is one of my fave books. feeling ko nga underrated siya. heehee.

    i would love to have the kind of day you had. me day…that’s a luxury for me nowadays. 😦

    • You get to blog naman on a regular basis eh. Ako nga dahil sa work, di na makablog nang maayos. Nakakasira talaga ng online life ang work. Har har.

      To Kill a Mockingbird is a good book. I’m looking forward to watching the movie, too. Pero dapat matapos ko muna ang libro.

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