Goodbyes II

The Academy Bay training had already ended and I graduated with a significant improvement from my performance during the previous weeks. I was happy that I officially have a new job because I will already be endorsed to operations tomorrow. However, there were things that also made me unhappy.

As I said on one of my previous post, I didn’t want myself to be attached to any of my team mates too early, because not everyone is sure to stay. But I failed; I still became close to some and I wasn’t expecting that two of them would eventually say goodbye again.

First was Roje who encouraged me (without him knowing) to let the entire class know who and what I really am. He is a novelist and blogger as well, so we had a lot of things to talk about. He believed in me and always encouraged me to write narratives again, so that I may also have my works published along with theirs.

I also lost Di, the prettiest girl in our team and the only one I trusted enough to tell about some of my secrets and personal problems. It was only in our last week that we became close to each other. I thought that she was just like all the other beautiful ones I had met before but she was different. Talking to her was like having a conversation with a friend I have long known before. We had a “heart to heart” conversation before the shift started. I didn’t know that it would be the last.

Roje and Di were among the three members of our team that didn’t pass the Academy Training. But I still don’t believe that they didn’t have the qualifications for the job. First, they failed only because they were not able to get at least three passing scores out of the five random quality check that we had. Had they been luckier, they would’ve passed. It’s such a waste. I will miss them, yet I know that each of us has to move on with life even if that means forgetting.

On a lighter note, I have been eyeing a guy from another team, and knowing that he passed his A-Bay made me feel a little bit lighter. His name is Rue. I tried to get close to him before but the company of his own team mates was always pushing me away. He also lives in the same city I am currently in, so I even tried to ask him if we could go home together, but he never ran out of excuses to avoid me. I was discouraged, of course, and just thought of forgetting about him. But yesterday was different.

After the shift, while we were having our own team meeting, one of my mates called my attention. She said that Rue seemed to be looking for me. I looked around and saw him looking at me. I didn’t know what to say, so I just gave him an OK gesture with my right hand, asking him if everything went well. He said that he passed and that he would be waiting for me in the smoking area. What followed was a series teasing from my team mates.

“Ikaw na, Jerro.”

“Ang haba ng hair mo.”

I don’t really laugh at such jokes but I couldn’t stop myself from smiling about the prospect of spending some time with him.      (to be continued)


13 thoughts on “Goodbyes II

  1. Same here… all the peeps i became close with on my first two weeks of training failed to advance to the next level so i was left with a bunch of people i didn’t know. 😦

    BTW, i’m looking forward to hear more about you and Rue^_^

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