Now that I am already working in my sixth call center company, I cannot stop myself from thinking about my previous ones and the people I had met while working in those centers. This also made me realize how socially disconnected I was even with Facebook around because I wasn’t able to keep the friendship I thought we had when we were still working together.

All that I can remember are their faces, our laughter, and the happy moments we had shared during our yosi breaks, lunches, and early morning drinks. But I guess leaving and being left are just normal in this industry, that is why I no longer want myself to get attached to anyone this early for I know that not everyone, I included,  is sure to stay.


22 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. I can so relate. After the training, a lot of people left: the most funny, the most talkative, the wisest. When I reached the floor I wrote a post on my old blog about the sad feeling that I had after those people’s departures. It is sad to go back to the training room with a few people left, but I guess that is just the way it is…

  2. my friend once worked at a call center and he said the same thing. people come and go. everyday may nagreresign at everyday may bago. i found the fact interesting. but another friend of mine, kung san siya nagsimula na call center, andun pa din siya til now.

  3. Grabe maka-bond ang yosi breaks no? There’s actually a study na mas mabilis nga mag-bond ang smokers dahil feeling natin tinataboy tayo ng society when we smoke. Wololong. Ma-share lang. =)

  4. someone once told me na ganun talaga ang friendship na nabubuo sa call center–hindi nag la-last. siguro dahil sa culture na “call center hopping”. somehow i want to believe that it isn’t true..

  5. i got your point. that somehow they all became part of our lives once people step into it. whether they physically leave.

    “cosmically” (may term ba na ganun? hehe) we are all interconnected… and every single person we meet is part of the glitch. hehehe. not really a glitch but some sort of a divine plan. and its up to you to keep it… or let it flow. 😛

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