Good Luck

As I continued to struggle in finding myself a new job these past weeks, it became clearer to me that life here in the Metro is not as easy as it seems. I nearly gave up on the first week of my job hunt because most of the companies I had tried on either didn’t have the position or couldn’t hire me because of some qualifications. But I was thankful of my best friend’s support and encouragement that got me going day after day of hoping. And failing.

I was convinced, when I wrote Goodbye Avaya, that I would finally be stepping out of the call center industry. Excited in the prospect of a new career, I applied with three BPO companies that offered web content or SEO writing jobs. The first two didn’t even have the propriety to call me if I passed the exams or not. On the other hand, I nearly got myself an SEO writing job in Eastwood City, but the person who’s going to do my final interview was on leave. Tired of waiting for their call, I decided to apply as a technical support specialist again.

I will be naming the call centers I had been to this time. Let’s start with Stream Global Services. There’s not a plenty of good call centers in Eastwood so I tried that company which claims to be the “Best” and that they are “The Company You Keep.” Their examinations were the most difficult that I’ve ever had but I was lucky enough to pass everything up to the second to the last step. But then again, I was told that they would be phoning the following day because the final interviewer wasn’t around but no one called me.

Instead of wasting the day waiting for the damn call, I visited TRG Customer Solutions in Ortigas. Getting myself past their initial interview was easy but I was really discouraged when I saw their environment and how the online assessment worked. Instead of finishing the examinations, I just simply walked out of the room and exited the building.

After going to Ortigas, I went straight to Makati the next day. It was raining that day and the weather just added to the gloom that I was feeling. A pretty receptionist greeted me warmly when I entered the lobby, so I was a bit lightened up. In three hours, I was able to get to the final interview but it didn’t go as I expected. As a closing, the interviewer asked my goal for the next two years. I honestly said that I am planning to study after two years of working as a call center agent. However, I am not planning to be an agent forever so I would aim to be promoted as a Team Leader or a Quality, and that will be enough for me to stay longer. The interviewer didn’t buy it.

I didn’t want to waste the day for nothing, so I decided to go to Aegis People Support. It was just a five minute walk from 24/7 Customer but I had some difficulty taking the right direction once I got inside the claustrophobic underground passage. There were about a hundred people inside the recruitment area when I got there. It was already lunch time and my stomach was growling out of hunger, but I chose to sit for hours and waited for my name to be called. The day seemed to be worth it at first because I was able to get past through all the examinations and the final interview. However…


5 thoughts on “Good Luck

  1. I have very minimal experience with job hunting ’cause i’m still with my first job for 3 years now… wala na-kwento ko lang. 😉 anyway nais ko na rin ng bagong karir…

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