Black or White

I have been thinking of leaving Cosmic Glitch a long time ago because of a very simple reason: I can’t seem to find a theme that will fit my blog that isn’t dark or black.

I take my blog seriously. And knowing that I can’t write that flawlessly, I always try to compensate by giving a good visual experience. That’s why I am very meticulous when it comes to blog design. I may not have a very good sense of aesthetics, but I certainly know what looks good or not. I hate clutter. I hate fancy details. I hate kids’ stuff. I want things plain and beautiful.

The thing is, I always have this feeling that only black will suit my Cosmic Glitch. I have tried all of the themes available, but no go; I would always revert to the same old dark theme each time. That’s when I thought of just deleting this blog and moving to a new one so that I could start afresh. Obviously, it didn’t happen because that means being back to square one–and I’m tired of it.


25 thoughts on “Black or White

  1. Well, I’m an all black blogger before and it kinda mirrored my entries. They were too dark. Come 2011, I changed it and I remember this reader who said “ang aliwalas na” daw ng blog ko at “hindi na mukhang suicidal ang blogger.” The entries followed. Hindi na rin daw siya ganun kabigat.
    I’m just saying, hehe. Maybe what I’m really trying to say is that a blog’s theme speak’s a lot for the blogger and the blog itself that’s why we tend to be meticulous about it. ;D

  2. i have also been in pursuit of the “perfect theme” for my blogs… whenever there’s a new theme here in WP i always try it out, only to revert back to what i already have. 🙂

    black is elegant, and i like black.

    but no kidding, even if you went by that white theme above, i’d still read your blog. 🙂

  3. I read some of your previous entries and I must say that you write good poems. You should not refrain from acknowledging your talents sometimes. 🙂

    And your layout here’s good too. But don’t trust my judgment on this too much since I looooove black. Haha.

    Hello Cosmic Glitch! 🙂

  4. Oh no! Don’t leave. It is great to have changes in one’s blog every now and then. Still, it is all up to you when it comes to the right decision. Keep it up.

  5. Yay! This theme is cleaner, you should stick to it, methinks. But there’s an awful white space over there.

    You think Dark = Cosmos? Is that your BBM pin?

  6. i like the old theme of you blog … shades of grey.. thats kinda subjective because thats my fave pallette… try white.. grey.. and a bit of red if you want something plain and lighter…

  7. Hello. Totoong QR code ba yuung banner mo? Nakakatuwa naman. 🙂

    As for themes, mahirap talagang pumili. I suggest mano-mano mong i-edit ang CSS. Kaso may bayad yun. 😦 So, I think a workaround is to make a Greasemonkey plugin then ask your readers to install it for a more comfortable experience.

    Sana hindi ka umalis sa WordPress. Hindi dahil empleyado o sponsor o shareholder nila ako, ngunit para dumami naman tayong mga Pinoy dito. 🙂

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