Goodbye Avaya

I have been blogging more actively these past few days simply because I am jobless and I have nothing else to do. I left the last call center I had tried because of the impression that it may not really be for me. I am sick of stupid customers. I am sick of stupid agents. I am sick of stupid QA’s and TL’s. I am sick of the Avaya.

Now, don’t get me wrong because still love the call center industry. It’s just that my tolerance for monotony, I realized, is not that good. But I’m thankful to all the call companies I have worked with for the past year: Teleperformance, Concentrix, ePerformax and APAC. I owe the Jerro I am today to all those centers because the industry gave me the level of competitiveness, confidence and self-worth I didn’t have before.

On the other hand, I am very excited because my best friend has decided to try his luck in the call center, too. He is now undergoing the usual communications training needed for him to move to the basic product training. I used to work with the company before, and on the same account offered to him, so he already has an advantage. What worries me, though, is that my best friend will be working in the same floor with the girl my Loose Ends series is all about, a prospect I shouldn’t have allowed.


24 thoughts on “Goodbye Avaya

  1. hi jerro! uhm, wait… does this mean that your best buddy might fall for her??

    on a different note, so what career would you be trying to pursue next??

  2. oh.. that.. well, I guess he won’t lash it out on her.. Not unless she’d do him wrong.. I mean, when a person snaps.. sometimes, all hell would break loose..

    • Thanks Eon. Kailan ko kaya mahahanap ang new job na ‘yan. May company na akong napag-applyan. Pasado na. Pero para akong jellyfish na pafloating-floatng dahil wala pa daw GO signal para sa mga new writers. Pinipilit akong mag Photoshop Specialist.

    • Thanks Darden. It’s a relief, knowing that I’m not the only one. I am trying to find a writer job. I know that it’s also going to be repetitive. But I won’t mind doing something I love over and over again.

      • Have you heard of I tried it and it works naman. Ang odd nga lang ng subjects and themes, but otherwise, it’s easy money. Kayang kaya mo yun.

  3. i’m sick of the phones as well, but it keeps the money coming in my purse so i couldn’t say goodbye even if i want to:'(

    i’m looking forward to hearing about any progress on your career change^_^

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