Loose Ends V

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The morning air was still cold, so I lit up another stick of cigarette to warm me as we walked along the Orchard Road. Life was really unpredictable, I thought. Just a few hours ago, I got dumped by the girl who made feel like a real man again. And there I was, hooking up (for the first time) with a guy I had just met. My conscience was in total chaos. But I chose what felt good and right at the moment.

Both of us were silent as we entered their building. As a courtesy, he nodded at a security guard who welcomed us into the lobby. I remembered that we were still holding each other’s hand but it was too late because Ashton started walk toward the elevator. It was only when we got inside did he let go of my hand to push the number 7.

The lights were on at his flat when we got there. It was spacious enough for someone living alone, though he had a company in a form of an unsurprisingly cute shi tzuh puppy. The puppy just ignored my presence but it tailed Ashton as he went straight to his fridge to fix something for us.

He didn’t even ask me to sit, so I just looked around the house, hoping that I would find something that had his name on it, but I found nothing. Aside from the mini sofa and a small coffee table, he didn’t have much stuff in the receiving area. Adjacent to it was his tall, black refrigerator, and a four-seat table, where he prepared a sandwich for both of us. He offered me a glass of milk but I just said no. He caught me looking at him but I just bravely fixed my eyes upon his to let him know what I wanted.

He slowly undressed me once we got inside his bedroom. I didn’t know how to start so I let him take charge as I stood in front of him. He started by pulling off my favorite shirt and stripping me off my pants, leaving only my boxers. I then began to kiss him as he pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his belt. His body was a perfect example of how I want mine to be: tall and slim, with muscles and bulges on the right places. I felt my erection harden upon seeing the swell of his chest. He guided me to the bed but it was I who chose to stay on top, so that my eyes, hands, and tongue could feast on his body for a bit more.

I positioned my head just above his and started to kiss his soft lips as he ran his hands all over my back. Slowly, I lowered my kiss to his chin, then to his neck after taking off his necklace. His chest and nipples were a real treat. I tongued and sucked on his left nipple while my hand played with the other. That’s the time he started creating faint noises. His moans really turned me on. His erection I could feel growing harder against my belly made me want to ravage his body for all its worth. But I decided to make things last.

to be continued…


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