Dyxlesic I

My fascination for the written word started when I first learned how to read. I can still remember everything until now. I wasn’t very intelligent when I was a kid but I knew that being able to read was a good thing. However, I had some kind of learning disorder which hindered me from learning my ABC. All that I could write and read perfectly was my name.

I didn’t finish my kindergarten year because my parents had to take me home to our province. Our life was still well-off back then. We had a two-storey, classic-looking house with a very spacious landscape which served as a reception area for the guests of our restaurant. It kept my parents busy so they didn’t have the time to teach me stuff I didn’t learn from school. Instead, my Mom bought me lots of books and toys to keep me well-behaved.

Most of the time, I would just play Tetris and Mario Brothers on my Game Boy but I got sick of it. That’s the time I turned to flipping the pages of my new books, just looking at the pictures and wishing that I could read like how my playmates did.

Then one day it happened. I was browsing one of my books in the terrace when I got it all figured out. It was as if all the knowledge hiding inside my brain for so long just decided to come out, and the dead neurons burst to life.

I rushed to the kitchen to tell my Mom about my wonderful accomplishment. Of course, my Mom was really happy, too. I remember how we talked it over lunch with my Dad but he didn’t give me any compliment. He just told my Mom that they would be sending me to school again.

to be continued


16 thoughts on “Dyxlesic I

  1. I never fully understsand dyslexia, nor do I today understand how a person gets past it to learn how to read and write, but I do remember the support a past friend of mine gave her son (thusly afflicted) and the list she showed me of famous people who achieved greatness despite being dyslexic themselves

    • Thanks for the comment, Keith. I still don’t know everything about dyslexia myself, but I was able to manage myself with the help of my Mom. Dyslexia is not a sickness; it can be corrected–and with surprising results.

  2. Reading this post reminds me of the movie Taare Zamen Par with lead actor Aamir Khan. Such a great movie… It’s about teaching a child with Dyslexia. You must watch the movie Cosmic Glitch but you have to find the copy with a subtitle since it’s a Bollywood film. 🙂 Nice post. I’m encouraged. !

  3. i miss reading books… i used to love reading when i was a kid, but with all the technologies (gaming devices, PC, internet, social networks) to keep me busy, i just fell out of reading. 😦

    anyway, more power on your reading adventures CG! 🙂

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