Loose Ends III

A month had already passed since the night I asked my best friend to allow me to go somewhere just by myself. I didn’t tell him exactly where I was going to and he didn’t have a clue on what happened the whole night I had been out. It was the night I had my heart broken again: by a girl who I thought would be able to end my search for the other half of my shadow.

She was the girl who always made me smile. She was the girl I could talk to for hours. She was the only girl who enjoyed my music. She was the most beautiful girl who didn’t know how she affected the men around her. She was the girl whose touch was enough for me to forget that I have my best friend with me.

I knew that I would never be a perfect man so I just tried to hide what I really felt toward her every time we were together. But the loneliness inside me caused me to squander things and leave my job when I was almost at the top. I was able to find a new career far away from her but depression hit me again and got me off the track. And just when I thought that I was ready to fix my messed up life, I found my self being drawn toward her again in spite of the fact that I was already happy with the relationship I have.

I didn’t know what to do. But one day, I woke up with a new-found courage to tell her everything. I visited her during one of her night shifts armed with the right words to say. I waited for eight hours on a bench outside their company building, anxious because she wasn’t replying to any of my messages.

I haven’t waited for someone that long in my whole life. It was already four in the morning when I received a message from her telling me that she had no plans of seeing me anymore and that she already knew about me and my best friend. I didn’t stop myself from crying after reading her message. There was nothing to lose because I had just lost everything.

Red-eyed and lonely, I began to walk my way out of Eastwood City. I also lit a cigarette to ease the tension and slow down my heart throbbing wildly inside my chest. It was still dark and the bright lights made everything like the movies. I couldn’t stop my knees from shaking so I decided to sit down on one of the benches in the Central Park. I was about to throw away the exhausted cigarette butt when a handsome guy sat beside me.

That moment, what I really wanted finally became clear to me.

to be continued.


Thanks to Daredevilry, a great blogger whose stories made me aspire for things I have long denied myself of.


13 thoughts on “Loose Ends III

  1. Great review! You actually touched some nice things in this post. I came across it by using Google and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, will be following you on my iphone 🙂

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