Rainy Days

I waited for a month for the answer. At first I was anxious that it would be just like the other messages and letters I had sent her, so I was really surprised upon receiving a reply from her. It’s brief. And it goes like this.

“Hell to the fuckin’ NO!”

I was shocked, really, because I never thought that she’d be telling me something like that. Indeed, so many things have already changed about her the instance she left me to pursue her studies in the United States.

At first, the changes were still tolerable: the way she dresses, the way she speaks… But then came the weird awkwardness I could feel whenever I read her messages. Then one day, she said that we should just be friends because our relationship was going nowhere.

Once, when she told me that she is willing to wait a thousand days just to see my face again, I believed her. But now everything seems to be different. And I felt the same way toward her, too. But no amount of my persistence and determination brought her back to me. I even lost my best friend Patrick just to be with her. But she also left me in the end.

That was the start of my rainy days.


24 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. i just started following your blogs today, and i like what i’ve read so far.so who’s that girl btw? is she an ex from your confused years?

  2. oh oh… what the hell is wrong with her? I’d like to ask what the hell is wrong with you, too, for pursuing that kind of girl but I know you have your reasons, and if you think she’s worth pursuing and giving up everything for, then I respect that. But this latest message from her already tells you that she’s not really worth it…

    i hope you’ll get over her soon enough, Jem. hugs…

  3. /me sings “but i dont think time is gonna heal this broken heart. no i dont think how it can when it’s broken all apaaaaarrrtttt.”

    tara na. inuman na lang via skype. lol.

    sasaya rin tayo balang araw.

  4. Hindi talaga cute ang buhay minsan, no? Hehe. Here’s sending you a warm virtual hug, though. You deserved better.

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