Welcome to the Slum

It’s been a good and unpleasant experience revisiting this place and see my real home, the ugly things I am used to, the people I grew up with, and the old life which taught me how to be fierce and strong.

Looking back, I remember how it felt to be a part of this picture. Ten years ago I was just a little boy with just a simple dream, and that was to get away from this place. I never denied the truth about the life I had but I knew that I was meant for something better, the reason why I didn’t let my environment corrupt me.

Fulfilling that dream, however, wasn’t easy. I have just realized how difficult it is to be the breadwinner of my family. And I regret those days I have wasted and those opportunities that passed me by because of my selfishness.

Now, I am more aware that I am not getting any younger, and so are my parents. It’s just about time for me to take life seriously. “Hindi cute ang buhay, ” as my mother always tells me.


35 thoughts on “Welcome to the Slum

  1. ay mahirap talagang maging breadwinner lalo na kung nung bata ka eh nasanay ka sa pagiging well off. tapos paglaki mo, hindi na. ang sakit sa bangs! pero steady lang. blessing na may more means tayo to prove our love to our family.

  2. aww… made me teary-eyed *a little bit.. er.. yah, a little more than a little bit*

    and my gosh, the photo.. it captures nostalgia.. it’s lovely..

    oh, and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.. it means a lot.. i appreciate your kind words..

    • It’s not everyday that i encounter blogs that i can actually read. so i am also fortunate to have found yours. thanks as well for being and appreciating what i’ve written.

      • its my pleasure to visit your blog …

        writers has always s0mething to say. I mean, they free their mind and their brain just speak effortlessly and sensibly ..hahaha

  3. Hey Jerro!

    It must be difficult for you trying to support your parents and siblings. Life really has uncertainties and learning to accept these will help us to understand and find solutions to most of life’s problems. Life definitely ain’t cute.

    I admire your will to take action amidst the negativity. As they say, deciding that you’re not going to stay where you are right now, that you will go somewhere, is the first step of success.

    Be strong,

  4. I love the pictures that come along with your every blog post, just saying. Their designs are so well thought of and artistic. And this post…it’s short and all the more bittersweet.

    Also: Er, I’m very much tempted to quote your mom’s “hindi cute ang buhay” and make it my Facebook status. Lol.

    • Thanks Dardenita.

      I’m really pleased that you’ve noticed the way I present my posts. I want my blog to look good para naman pag mainspire ako magsulat sa tuwing makikita ko. : ]

  5. You revisited the things I would never dare go back to. Haha. I do not deny the fact that it is nice to revisit your past, pero para sa akin lang, if you can run away from what made you miserable then, then by aaaall meaaaans. Haha. Pero I think this only applies to me. Chosero ako. :p

    Asking for permission to borrow that “Hindi cute ang buhay” from your mother. 😀

  6. Wow, someone’s blossoming into maturity. I can almost hear Madonna singing This Used To Be My Playground.

    Crap, me and my gay references. lol

  7. well, its good to visit places from the past once in a while. they serve as reminder of what you used to be and how far you’ve gone in your life. keep the fire burning!

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