Loose Ends II


15 thoughts on “Loose Ends II

  1. Ah, closure. Mas mailap pa sa fish na nasa lupa. Ang masasabi ko lang eh it’s better to get it early, if you can. Kase ang na experience ko, 2 years plus na walang closure, hanggang ngayon nihahaunt pa ko ng nakaraan paminsan minsan. 😐

  2. Sent same message to a friend/almost lover, too. ‘Twas last year; not the same words though. And I’m still waiting for his reply, sadly.

    I used to think that putting words together and being able to say it or at least text/email to the subject of my affection is somewhat form of bravery and honesty. Boy, was I wrong. It is, sometimes, far too much. Sharing 😉

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