Full Circle

It was also during this time of the year, a few days before June 2010, when I first set my foot in Manila to find my luck in the call center industry. Failure greeted me during my first attempt. I got turned down by the first center I had applied to because I wasn’t able to meet a certain requirement. However, I got lucky with the second company which accepted me in spite of my ignorance of what the BPO Industry is all about and the fact that I was undereducated.

My life has changed significantly having experienced the first real feel of the work. I changed the way I dress to look good and feel good. I tried to sound smart in front of my co-workers to prove that I wasn’t just a lowly jologs (as one of my ex-colleague told me), a promdi. I came to know and enjoy finer things in life I didn’t have before. I felt like a totally different person having learned all those things. In fact, I’ve learned too much for me to feel armed and ready enough to leave the job and try my self in another company.

Getting my second job was a piece of cake, I landed a job in one of the lesser known companies in Eastwood City and did not regret a thing. My team sucked but I was able to endure being around them and my evil team leader for half a year because of the good pay I wasn’t able to get from my previous job. I bought more books, clothes, shoes, and made my Mom happy every 15th and 30th day of the month. But despite all the things that I was enjoying, and a steady relationship with my best friend, depression took over me, which caused me to leave everything behind.

After some time, I was able to pull my broken pieces together and eventually got another job in Makati, as if nothing had happened. That time, I thought that I had finally found the perfect place for me. I loved the company, from the start of our training up until our batch were deployed to Academy Bay and started taking calls. As I have said on my previous post, “For the first time in my life, I felt needed where I was.” But due to some complications, it was the company who had to let me go.

Having been to a several companies already in just almost a year, the sudden death of my career didn’t affect me for a long time. In just eight days, I had the courage to get myself a job, this time in the place where it all began. Like a full circle. In fact, I just had the first day of training today. And so far, everything seemed to be fine. The company’s impression on me is quite good despite the idea that all those things wouldn’t have happened to me had they hired me the first day I came here. So as an act of revenge, this time I will do my very best to kick each ass that would get my way. Of course, that is an exaggeration.


16 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. masasabi kong baguhan pa lang ako sa bpo industry… pero masasabi ko lang … hindi siya ganun kadali… (ive been working in a regular dayshift job) and compared to the five years na na-spend ko dun… hindi tatapat yung pressure… experiences, (pati savings) sa isang bpo…

    go bpo! (hehehe.)

    • Nice. You still get to work on the sunny side. : ]
      I also came to love the BPO in a deeper level. In fact. I would still be coming back to this industry when after getting my college diploma.

  2. i failed at eTel, ePer, Sykes, and APAC prior to landing the position at my first and current BPO. just sharing, hee hee!

    wishing you all the best on your new job!^_^

  3. Reading this made me feel so encouraged that I feel like cheering you on, hehe. I wish you lots of fun and growth. Yay. :p

  4. It isn’t easy to find satisfaction with work. I was lucky to be satisfied with the the first job that came my way.

    More than you finding yourself satisfied with a job, I’d like to comment more on the usage of the word “undereducated.” Undereducation is never a hindrance to succeed in life. Sure, a full education (which is actually a vague concept to me) can help you, but it is not the only way to succeed. I know of people who never finished college but contribute more to society compared to those who boast of college diplomas.

    So there. 🙂

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