Goodbye Apathy

I was really pleased to have found a new job just eight days after I got sacked from my previous work. That is enough to boost my sense of self-worth a little bit after a week of super-depression and apathy. On the other hand, my current financial state is already alarming because in a day or two, I would already run out of money. It’s just a good things that my best friend’s helping hand always come in handy.

You may be wondering what I did these past few days that I wasn’t blogging. Honestly, I tried to write and update this blog, even attempted to answer your comments, but during those times, I didn’t really know how to feel. My thoughts were all mixed up about the uncertainties of being unemployed, considering that in a few weeks my two younger brothers are going to school again. Dan is entering college, while BJ is going to be on his first year in high school.

The thought that my two younger brothers are going to enter a new chapter in their lives really excites me. That is why I want to start working soon, so that I could at least help with their expenses. I want their new school lives to be a breeze for them, not as difficult as I had experienced mine that I had to quit from college and work.


16 thoughts on “Goodbye Apathy

  1. Jerro,

    You’re a great big brother! We wish you and your brothers would accomplish what you desire to achieve. I actually envy you for having siblings; I’ve always wanted to have a little brother, a sibling to share the good and bad of the household. Being a single child can be lonely.


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