Logging Out

I just lost my job last Tuesday, and though I don’t feel like owing anyone an explanation, I feel sorry because I will no longer be able to join you guys, Bianca, Jed and Nyl, wearing a red lanyard because I wasn’t able to make it.

Partly, it was my fault because of my three absences from work; partly, it was because of the management who retracted their decision to give our batch six weeks for the Academy Bay when ironically we were already on our sixth week. Thus, our grades were calculated from the first week to the fourth—something that I should have seen coming, so that I could have still reported to work sick. I was powerless. I, even my coach, could not change anything. I wasn’t able to meet the required hours of work for the whole four-week period, so there.

My dream had ended again before it even started. But despite the loss, I didn’t feel any kind of contempt towards your company. Instead, I feel fortunate to have worked with you because now I can confidently say that I know better. I’ve learned so many things, starting from Trainer Leah who taught me that in order for me to get away from something bad, stepping out is not the solution but stepping up. I may have failed to do it with your company, but I sure will given the chance and time.

It’s just such a waste. For the first time in my life, I felt needed where I was. But apparently, the company no longer needs me, so it’s time to move forward.


11 thoughts on “Logging Out

  1. errr… i didn’t to like this post, because i celebrate that you lost your job. it’s just that i feel you. there there. hopefully, you’d find another job soon.

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