Literary Angst 2.0

Writing has long been a source of pleasure and fulfillment for me. I may be the most socially awkward introvert in the planet but when I write, I feel different. It’s as if every inhibition in my body vanishes as I follow my stream of thoughts and ideas. However, writing had also caused me a lot of frustration because of my increasing belief before that it was not for me.

I blamed the errors I was always in danger of commiting whenever I write: grammar, mispelling and weird choices of words and sentence structure. That’s the reason why I’ve always kept my style as plain and simple as possible. But still literary stupidity persists, always there like rocks on the ground waiting for me to stumble.

I’ve done all the things I could think of for me improve on this craft. I read books. I studied the stuff they taught me in school. I tried to write even if there was no inspiration. I pushed my self to the limits only to fail most of the time. Writing really tested my discipline and determination, things that I doubted of having before. And I wouldn’t have gone this far without WordPress and a blog friends who would always encourage me to continue.

Now, it no longer bothers me that much if I feel like there’s something wrong. My renewed passion for writing is quite evident with how I try to post something each day. My works may be appreciated only by few, but I am really pleased to know that those readers are also among those few good writers and bloggers left in the web. From them I learn. And because of them I am always inspired to write.


28 thoughts on “Literary Angst 2.0

  1. Eeee. I also feel indebted to blogging, for this opportunity to be read; and to bloggers, just the same, for the inspiration to keep on writing. Cheers!

  2. i think one should write like there is no one reading. it is always pretty cool to be in print. you can be judged, but it somehow it does not matter. keep it coming my friend. let your words be your gift to the world. 🙂

  3. Writing is for every one. I love it when non-writers I know decide to put up a blog. Me thinks bad grammar is simply a part of the learning experience, so it is always alright to flaunt them.

  4. I’ve had the same blunders before. The recent months have only been less different.

    My renewed passion for writing is quite evident with how I try to post something each day

    It’s a good start. Keep writing!

  5. I’m inspired by this post. I also feel the same way you did before.. the only difference is I feel it now. You went through this… now I’m trudging the same road you passed through. Good day. 🙂

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  7. Hey,

    It’s empowering to know that there are writers/bloggers who take this stuff seriously. Some people would look at blogging and publishing long blog posts as a bore, but I’ve always believed that blogging is a form of social networking for writers. Keep it up! I’M a fan of yours already!


    • I take blogging seriously, so I don’t write or post something just for the sake of posting it. Hindi ang uso ang Mema sa blog ko, so sobrang affected ako ‘pag ‘di ako makasulat nang maayos.

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