Nicotine+Caffeine Overload

I started using one of my nicotine transdermal patches this morning. I was at Blenz Coffee to kill time as my best friend does his work. At first I was skeptical on using it but I was eventually able to convince my self to do it. It said on the label that it needs to be applied on a clean, hairless, part of my body, so I needed to do the job inside the john. I searched for a “hairless” part in my body but I could not find one. Instead, I applied the nicotine patch on the less hairy portion of my right arm. Afterwards, I took a Band-Aid and applied it on top of the patch to hold it in place.

Nothing special happened for hours, though. I couldn’t feel anything strange until I had finally downed my Supremo CappaChillo. I started salivating like a mad dog; my stomach felt funny, and my heart started to palpitate. I suspected that it might be because of the nicotine patch, so I immediately peeled it off my skin. But it worsened. I felt weak and began to feel nauseous. I vomited in the toilet four times, and even had trouble flushing it out completely.

The incident almost ruined my day-off. I was supposed to finish the book, Kafka on the Shore today but I wasn’t because I spent most of the hours sleeping on my coffee table to regain strength. One good thing, though, is that I found a cool Japanese-style polo shirt at Mental, enough to put me on good vibes again. I am still here at the coffee house while I am writing this and I already have my best friend’s YES to buy it before we go home. :]

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22 thoughts on “Nicotine+Caffeine Overload

  1. You could’ve patched it in his lips. Totally hairfree. :p

    Mental is the one that uses Pepe Smith, no? Their concept, the whole attendant-clothed-salespeople one’s interesting.

  2. those patches really work. i know of someone who was able to stop smoking using those patches. he had been smoking for 10 years.

  3. nicotine patch eh? first time i heard it, interesting. vomiting four times is a killer though, hehe. would you use it again? best of luck if you so decide then 😀

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