For the sake of honesty, I would just like to inform you, readers, that I’ve been smoking again. It’s such a shame, I know, because I have mentioned two months ago in one of my post that I would be quitting. I was able to abstain for a month, at least, but being surrounded by smokers while suffering from abstinence broke me.

Now, it’s getting worst. Before, only one stick per break in the office was all that I can handle. But now, I haven’t finished a stick yet and I’m craving for more. This is also one my worst traits. When I regress, I fall ten times back. But I can’t let my self lose for I know that my asthma (a childhood sickness we were able to cure) might attack again any time.

As a desperate measure for quitting I asked one of my team mates to give me some nicotine patches that I can try. I haven’t used this method before, so I am not sure if it really works. If it does, good; if not, maybe I’ll just buy a rope and hang my self Β under a tree.


21 thoughts on “Retrogression

  1. don’t be too hard on yourself. haha pareho tayo. i tried to stop and i was successful for a week or two but after that i smoked twice as before. Lesson: don’t try to stop. haha. anyways, thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

  2. ahahaha!!! hmn.. cigarette smoking.. is dangerous for your health.. πŸ˜€ (kelangan pa bang imemorize yan?..)

    but i commend the honesty..

    keep it up! regards na lang ka papa ko sa langit.. (he died because of lung cancer) … :-/


  3. when i stopped smoking, i also had to stop seeing all my friend who smoked. i had to stay at home and look for ways to preoccupy myself. i knew it would be difficult, trying to stop while seeing all your friends lighting up, so i took a stand. it was harsh and drastic, and few were hurt by my decision, but eventually, when i was already strong enough to resist the urge, i started seeing everyone again.

  4. Two of my friends quit. One via laser, one via acupuncture. Both got the treatments for free, though. And they were really heavy smokers. Just saying. πŸ™‚

      • I read this somewhere: A guy (a local celebrity, I think), when he gets the urge to smoke, he grabs a bottle of water and he just drinks. After a while, drinking water became his new habit, eventually enabling him to quit smoking. I think it’s worth a try. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  5. Browsed the comment section.

    E-cigar does not have nicotine. Totally healthy and environment-friendly. I suggest you start with those before quitting smoking nicotined-cigar. Just my lame idea.

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