Read or Die.

Reading books is one of the things that I have been missing out for the past few months, since I have already become busy with my new job–still in the call center industry because this is the most productive thing I can do for a living. So far, I am happy with how things have been going. I love my team mates. I like the job so I don’t really go home wasted everyday. However, I still can’t find enough time to read books the way I used to before. Not to mention, I have read only one book yet since the start of this year when my goal is to read at least 33 books in line with’s 2011 Book Challenge.

First, Makati is too far from our place. In a day, I spend three hours just for transportation alone, and I don’t feel like reading inside the jeepney or the bus. Second, our company is so strict that I cannot even bring a book with me, unlike before that I could read a few lines in between calls. And lastly, I am so broke that I can no longer sustain my urge to collect books which really motivates me to read, read and read.

I miss the days when I always visit Fully Booked Eastwood City in search of a good read. I was always like that every day before going to work because the feeling of being surrounded by a thousand books makes me high. I miss the days when money always come easy every 15th and 30th of the month because buying more than one book at a time was never an issue for me, though it was for my best friend even if he himself is a hoarder of books.

Now, all I can do with my life is go to work and sleep. And it always pains me to see the number of lonely books on the shelf, clamoring for some attention.


19 thoughts on “Read or Die.

  1. Glad to see you’re on Goodreads as well. Are you a member of the Filipino Group there? I’m an active member of that group. Kita-kits na lang dun.

    • I will check that group out. Thanks for adding me. I think, kailangan ko lang ng kaunting control sa schedule para magka-time sa blogging, sa pagbabasa at makapag-explore sa good reads. :]

  2. “the feeling of being surrounded by a thousand books makes me high”


    try to devote like one entire afternoon on your rest day, just to read and read and read. that’s what i do. suggestion lang haha πŸ˜‰

  3. Will check out Goodreads na nga. HAHAHA. As for me, you know na happy place ko ang Booksale dahil I read books “by feel” (or whatever basta yung equivalent ng “playing music by ear”). Pero ayan, four for reading! I always try to devote a certain amount of time each day to reading, kahit 15 mins. lang kailangan.

    • You should try it. Di ko pa masyado nae-explore pero cool naman, so far. :] Yeah, dati mahilig din ako sa BookSale. Kaya lang bihira na ako makakita ng mga good finds. Ewan ko ba. Pag nagbu-book-hunt kasi ako sa BookSale, “feel” lang din ang ginagamit ko, since most books eh unpopular, which is a great way to surprise (and disappoint) your self. haha. But since wala ako masyado pera ngayon, i think magbuBookSale ako one of these days. :]

  4. hello kindred spirit. i feel for you. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never been disappointed in booksale. I always find something worth reading. All you need to know is how to spot a good read, and there’s no shortcut to that than kknowing the authors and books who are considered classics or have won awards.

    • I go for lesser known authors when I visit Book Sale. If I really like an author, then I will be buying a new copy of his/her book. I was never disappointed with my BookSale finds, though. The most remarkable book I bought from them is Begin To Exit Here by John Welter for only P20. :]

  5. hi jerro! sabi nga nila if there’s a will, there’s a way. πŸ˜‰ you’ll find time for sure. just take it easy. i joined that challenge to and truth be told, i’m pressured to read in order to reach my goal. i don’t know if it’s good or not. hehe. welcome back, by the way.

  6. Books, books, books… I bought a new bedside table last year, large enough to accommodate my laptop and my unread books… The unread books are gaining in number, and gaining dust… hehehe… Time, time, time…

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