The Tale of Two Hamsters

Tragic. We are tragic.

Wednesday night last week. I bought a pair of hamsters for me and my best friend. We have been together for almost a year now so I decided to buy something to mark our first year anniversary, aside from the cute little Tedi Bear I gave him upon returning to Manila from a two-day visit in our home for my two younger brothers’ graduation. I only meant well when I decided to buy the said pair of cute rodents, but for some reason we had a big fight that drove me really mad, causing me to throw my phone and the box which housed the two hamsters.

I continued walking to the jeepney station. Inside the jeep he sat next to me, handed me the paper-box, and paid our fare. I said nothing, still enraged on how meaningless my simple act of appreciation had become. My eyes were already teary but it was when I felt the box and checked inside did I start crying. The other hamster was already limp and still. Its legs were obviously affected by the impact when it hit the ground. And knowing how fragile those creatures were, I knew right then that something was wrong.

Preparing them a home was one the of things I did upon getting home. Since the cage was still unavailable when I bought the hamsters, I needed to improvise one. I took the medium-sized box and made a large rectangular cut-out for a window, which I covered with a hard clear plastic film. I then made a small box for a bed, so that they can sleep together while the other one is still alive. I placed the two hamsters inside their new home and watched their initial reaction to the environment. I knew that it wasn’t that big but it’s comfy enough as a temporary home for the little hamsters.

I watched how the injured hamster regained its strength after I fed them with a piece of bread and a slice of carrot. I could see that it can no longer use its hind legs, so I was surprised when I saw it dragging its body using its front legs. It crushed my heart to see the damage I’ve caused the injured hamster. The other healthy hamster, on the other hand, was busy exploring the box, looking for holes or any chance of escape.

By morning, I visited the cage again to see if they had already downed the food I had given them the other night. I noticed that the injured hamster was no longer moving. I carefully took it in my hand. It was still breathing. I was again teary eyed as I gently stroked its fury head. There was nothing to say but β€œsorry.” And it died. The other one followed the next day.



20 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Hamsters

  1. Your story’s awfully familiar. Happens to me all the time though a different animal[s] is involved. Well, pets are destined to die before their masters. ;[


    hehe, practicing that line for some time now. hehe. just wanna say those words with great emphasis to my ex. haha

    … anywho… sana hindi ganyan ang mangyari senyo ni bff mo…

  3. Reminds me of my favorite hamster when I was still nine years old. His name’s Dipsy. He died after being brutally beaten to death by his wife Winky. They’re very clueless animals, hamsters. The mother can eat her own children if she can’t smell them, so it’s best to separate the newly-born ones from human civilization to avoid a mix-up of scents.

    • That is a very sad story. I know how it feels. Yes, the mother tend to betray her baby if it is influenced by human smell. Same goes with cats that leave their kittens if they don’t smell like felines.

    • Mas mabigat siya sa akin kahit na mas matangkad ako. Di ko siya kaya buhatin. Haha πŸ˜€ Newey, I don’t really see rats or rodents as pests. I even find those little house rats cute. :]

      • I mean binato mo na lang dapat siya ng something out of anger. HAHAHA. Well four for you on the rodents part, grabe yung fear ko of them na di ko man lang matapos panoorin ang Ratatouille.

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