Sometimes, I want to show the world
how beautiful our secret has become.

You know very well
that the walls of our hidden garden
which stand as witnesses
to our shared memories
can no longer contain it.

And I, in my heart,
don’t want to hide like this forever
like a plant deprived of sunlight,
of water, of air–
and finally,
of life.


4:00 pm


23 thoughts on “Photosynthesis

    • That was my first attempt to write poetry after my long hiatus. I was pleased it turned out good but I can certainly do better. I think, I just have to write poetry more often. Thanks for visiting, Reesie. : ]

  1. Spread the fragile wings. Do what you haven’t done yet in your 20-something years of life. Those things you wish to do and those things that you must. ;]

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