How to Save a Life | III

Margie and I also became close to each other when she started going out with Patrick. I didn’t have any other friends. When I entered college, I grew even more distant from the world, as if there was a thick wall between me and everybody. Patrick was my only one but Margie eventually became my close friend, too. I didn’t know how it happened. The first time I got to know her, my heart was pounding like hell in anticipation of something I didn’t know. The next thing I knew, I was wishing that I had met her first.

I knew that what I was feeling was wrong so I tried to to evade my feeling toward Margie. Patrick was a good friend and we had plans. He was the reason why I took up the same course as his, so that we would graduate at the same time, work in big companies, and get dirty rich together. We had a great future ahead of us because we got each other’s back.

The first semester of college was about to close when Patrick and Margie broke up. I was saddened by what happened, even felt guilty because it was I who had secretly wished to have found Margie first. They were my friends and I didn’t want to lose either one of them. I tried to bridge the gap between them. But I everything became a disaster when I myself crossed the bridge.

To be continued…

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16 thoughts on “How to Save a Life | III

    • Thanks for reading the stories, Saylala. I’m still getting myself ready in writing the last part because many things happened after the Part III, and I don’t want to write a whole novel.

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