How to Save a Life | Part II

Previously: Part I

Patrick and I remained as friends after the high school graduation. He had grand plans for his; I also had mine. He was about to take Information Technology in one the most expensive universities in the country and I was planning to enter UP Diliman for a Journalism course. Patrick was able to get the course that he wanted, but my parents stopped me from getting mine. I would never forget that day, the day all my dreams ended before they even started.

We were still living in Bataan then. And money, as it always had been, didn’t come easy. Daniel and Benjamin, my two younger brothers, were still studying. I knew that sending the three of us to school was already difficult enough for my parents. And that left me no choice but to accept the reality that dreams, if you didn’t have the luck or means, were nothing but just dreams.

In the end, Patrick was able to convince me to take up I.T as well. He studied at Ateneo de Manila, and I at a mediocre private school in Nueva Ecija, my father’s hometown. Friendster and Unlimited SMS were still a craze back then, so we were still able to catch up with each other’s life despite the heavy load of college life.

Eventually, Patrick had his first girlfriend, a pretty senior high school student named Margie whom he had already introduced to me that summer vacation before the class season. Of course, I was happy for his good fortune. He was also asking how my life was going, but I was always telling him that everything’s fine.

But the truth was college life was boring me to the point of frustration, so I did lots of things I have never done before. I learned to drink. I smoked Philip Morris, then Marlboro Lights. I lost my innocence to a girl I did love. After that night, I wrote my Pornographic Story poem, the same night we made love again—for the last time.

to be continued…


15 thoughts on “How to Save a Life | Part II

  1. How could you articulate the poignancy of growing up so beautifully?

    And also,

    “I would never forget that day, the day all my dreams ended before they even started.”–this line is golden.

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