How to Save a Life | Part I

Patrick and I were best friends back in high school. I can still remember how his simple act of lending me a ruler, when we were in second year, started our friendship. He was also like me in many ways. He was simple. He didn’t mind what other people would think about him. He also had some sense of irony and humor, usually taking on things with sarcasm. Nevertheless, he was a good guy, very low-profile despite the fact that he came from a modest family.

I was lucky enough to be chosen by him as a friend. We helped each other always. He had some difficulty in English; I sucked at Mathematics. We filled in for the lack of each other. I may be smarter than Patrick but I learned so many things from him like Starbucks Coffee, why there were kiss marks, the importance of self-confidence, and not being intimidated by rich people just because I came from the lower level of society.

And while I was in the process of writing this, I also realized how interesting it was that we didn’t talk much about sex or girls. I asked him once, though, if he was also masturbating at times, but he said no. I didn’t believe him.

We stuck with each other like a couple. We didn’t share the same section for the next two years of our stay in high school but we always made it a point to meet up after class, sometimes to talk, or for me to help him tweak his Friendster account profile.

It’s just sad that we didn’t see each other on Graduation Night. One of the most important events of his life. But not for me. I failed my Trigonometry class and I was not able to be part of the Graduation ceremony. It was the first saddest night of my life.

to be continued…


17 thoughts on “How to Save a Life | Part I

  1. Isn’t it creepy to find someone who is a lot like you? I met this guy some time last year. Although he didn’t dress the way I did, the way he thinks, writes, and decides on matter, I could certainly swear he was, in many ways, like me.

    What happened to Patrick now?

    • I didn’t feel that way. I don’t get to know people who can understand me, talk with me, on a daily basis. He is still alive. I’m sure of that. And a hell lot more successful like me. I will continue the story when I feel like it.

  2. I must be lucky then to have found this special friend of mine. Because I know that when the whole world stops understanding me, he won’t.

    Continue the story. I see an erotica coming. LOL

    • I am happy for you. And I have long considered you as a friend, too. We’ve been reading each other’s blog for a few years now, and yours is the only blog I can really relate to. So keep writing, Kris.

      Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I choked on my own saliva with K’s last statement. Hahaha!

    As for the post, it’s sad to see, hear and know of longtime friendships that fall apart all of a sudden.

    But it’s life. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. We all have to move on.


  4. In so many ways, this entry brought back nostalgia for all things high school. Which is just so perfect because yesterday, I was chatting with two old friends I haven’t seen for years, and one of them already had a baby while the other one is doing music compositions. Ah, memories. It really makes you pause and wonder where the hell everything went and what just happened.

    Thanks for this awesome post, Jerro. Crossing my fingers for part 2. Haha. :p

    • Yeah. Nostalgia talaga na gusto kong balik-balikan dahil may mga masasaya din naman akong araw dati. And cross your fingers talaga. Malapit na ang sequel.

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