Day After Pay

Today is the second and last day of my off from work. I woke up 4:00 this morning, had pancit canton for breakfast, and finished my one week worth of laundry. It was really exhausting because I also washed my best friend’s clothes since he just would not do it. It took the washing machine 7 cycles to finish its own share of work but it was I who rinsed the clothes off soap and suds by hand. By 7:00 am, all of our clothes were already hung by his window and all around his room. I took a final glance at my work, kissed him on the cheek as he sleeps, before finally going downstairs to rest.

In fact, I have many things to accomplish today. It was my pay day yesterday and I was more than satisfied with what I received, aside from the thirteenth month pay I got last December 8. That is why I am thinking of sending my family a bigger chunk of my salary than usual. I was already calling my Mom while writing this post but I got no answer after several attempts. I also have to find myself a perfect pair of shoes or short pants to update my wardrobe. My best friend will not allow me, I know, since I have been buying clothes almost every pay day, but it’s one of the things that make me feel good. However, one thing that will surely please him is that I am not planning of buying books anytime soon. Eight books on my waiting list are enough.

I think we will be spending most part of the day in our favorite coffee shop. He needs to finish his work assignments and I will just bring my Norwegian Wood book to get myself busy as well. But I am looking forward to going to Greenhills with him today for me relieve my spending itch. Finding myself a laptop is one thing I will probably do when I get there. It’s been difficult for me to write and blog without my own personal laptop, and we have been planning about it since yesterday, so I hope I’ll find a good one. =]



24 thoughts on “Day After Pay

  1. jem, madami ako labada dito baka puede mo rin isama? haha. ang bait mo namang kaibigan! saan kaya ako makakahanap ng kaibigan na kagaya mo na nilalabhan pati damit ko. 😉

    i guess you deserve to pamper yourself. you should not feel bad if you buy this and that for yourself. after all, it’s your money. as long as you know how to budget, then go for it. 😉

  2. yun o! pa-cheeseburger ka naman jan, jerro! at gatambak din labada ko dito; magkano por kilo? XD

    at andami ko ring nakatenggang librong kelangang tapusin basahin.pfft!

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