tale of the lost salary..

Today has been too much of a mess for me, though I was quite relieved that I’ve found this precious time to blog again without thinking of time and how much money would I spend for a few hours of roaming around the blogosphere. But still, I feel really bad because our midterm-long test is already set on Wednesday, so that means that I have to pay a part of my remaining balance tomorrow (to avoid long queues). But when I tried to withdraw my remaining salary from a nearby ATM machine, I felt like I’ve work my days out for nothing: not a bill came out. I tried checking my remaining balance only to find myself in shock as I stare on the amount left.

Gone. I stepped out of the booth really pissed off and wend my way to a nearby store to buy a stick of Marlboro Lights (I still smoke, but only when I feel tensed and low) to let my fumes out and relax. Something must’ve gone wrong. So I gathered myself up and headed to the bank. The helpdesk personnel suggested that I file a complaint for “Short Cash Dispense” because it just must’ve been ”debited” or whatever it is that happened, so I did. The personnel told me to wait for five up to eight working days to know if I can still claim the lost amount. I had no choice. I just nodded, left and went here, to my favorite comshop to feel good (yeah) and pass away the time. I may be nearing being broke again but I still have to make this site alive. A few visits won’t hurt, will it? Besides, saving a few pesos will not make up for the amount I will have to pay tomorrow. How I will be able to pay, I don’t know, but I am sure that I can still take the exams—how to pass them is the problem as I’m still catching up on the month’s worth of lessons that I missed.

Anyway, I’m still glad I that was able to use half of my salary last Friday. I didn’t spend much though, just a pair of shoes, hygiene needs, and books to read, a follow up to Angels and Demons which I had just finished.

*Relief goods and donations will be much appreciated.. ^_^


30 thoughts on “tale of the lost salary..

  1. Jem, ang ganda ng header mo… 🙂 There is indeed elegance in simplicity.

    Hopefully maayos na itong problema mo… Ako rin nagkaproblema sa account ko these previous days… Nalock ang online password ko… Naayos ngayong araw lang din…

    Good luck sa exams Jem!

    • lagi ding sinasabi ni mama ‘yan sa akin: ‘simplicity is beauty’ dahil dati eh nahilig din ako sa arts, hanggang sa nawalan na’ko ng panahon at nagconcentrate na lang muna sa pagaaral at pagsusulat.. ^_^ newey, mas malala ata yung nangyari sa’yo..buti naayos mo din 😀

  2. Naayos mo na ba ang nawawalang pera mo? Isinauli na ba ng banko ang pera sa account mo? Sana naman parekoy, para maipambayad ng matrikula mo.

  3. hmmm Marlboro Lights to let your fumes out and relax, I also used to do that during college…
    but it will not help.
    anyway, ATM machines can be so annoying sometimes..
    but the most annoying is when you call their hotlines to report the problem.
    hope you already got your money back..

    • yes..by this time, nakuha ko na.. 😀 sana lang hindi na maulit dahil hassle eh..newey, controlled ko na naman ang pagyoyosi ko..pag gusto ko lang..’di katulad dati, maya’t maya..

  4. haaay sa dinalang dalang kong mapasyal dito at sa dinalang din ng pagpaparamdam mo bro…laging buntong hininga ang reaction ko kasi ganun din ang sinusulat mo.

    tulad ng lagi kong komento…ngiti lang!

    paano nga ba ipapadala ang relief goods? hehehe

  5. naku naku medyo nagulat ako ah..iba na ang anyo nito tagal ko na nga di nakapag blog hop langya. Nangyari sa kin yan bro 10,000 petot ang nawala mabuti at nakuha ko pa..pero muntik na kong maihi nun sa kaba dahil isang buwan kaming walang kakainin hahaha.

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