Life in the Woods

Gusto ko lang ishare sa inyo ang isa sa mga artikulong isinulat ko sa  bagong edisyon ng diyaryo namin sa school dahil noong mga panahong problemado ako, kapos at ‘di sigurado kung makakapagaral pa’y kayo ang naging karamay ko at pinagmulan ng maraming encouragements at advices. so for that, maraming maraming salamat ulit. ispesyal ang artikulo na ‘toh para sa akin, ‘di lamang dahil nagmula kay FlaminDevil ang inspirasyon, kundi dahil na rin sa pagbabago ng pananaw ko sa buhay, na narealize ko lang talaga nang muli kong pinakawalan ang aking puso, diwa’t mga kamay upang magsulat–‘yung sulat talaga ah..hehe. 😀 sana magustuhan niyo.


Life in the Woods

Bloom where you are planted—a line I’ve read from a friend’s blog entry that has for months got stuck on my head to give me something to ponder about in times of solitude and retrospection. It struck through me like an arrow and dang it did hurt but I still loved it nevertheless. In fact,  it served as my final line on my supposed-to-be-final column you  are supposed to read here, but things have changed and I am apparently still staying here in EASTWOODS to fix some stuff and my life as well. Yes, I will be doing some overhaul and I know it’s not gonna be that easy. I’ve messed a lot of things  for the past two years that when the consequences came back rushing to me like a violent wave, I just folded and surrendered, convinced that I can no longer make it up, that nothing will ever change. That is why I am thankful of having learned my lesson before it’s too late, though in a much painful way.

I thought transferring into another school and taking my preferred course will make everything okay but all my plans failed. I wanted to get away but a part of me wanted to stay for a reason still unknown to me. The only thing I know is that as the days go by, my conviction slowly changed just because of those few words that  meant  a lot more to me. It just reminds me that as human beings with changing needs, wants and aspirations, it’s becoming harder and harder for us to find contentment of whatever things we have in the moment. We are always in constant search for the better, we always want more, we always want to make the things work for our own convenience and happiness. It’s always a “me-centered” attitude. Me. Me. And more me.

That is a usual hazard for most of us students. No wonder only a few of us really gets the most of our stay in the college or the course we’ve taken, for when the difficulties come up, we always keep on finding ways to get away, play safe or quit—one thing I’ve realized, that will never get us any farther in this race. What we need to succeed is not just perseverance, but the kind that keeps getting strong as the circumstances go even more tough and pressing.

It also came to me that the course we’ve finished won’t define our rate of success once we’ve finally graduated from school. You may land the wrong course, treat it right and it becomes the right one for you. The same way goes with our choice of school. What matters  most is the fulfillment that we get and the things we contribute to the betterment of it. However, it’s easier said than done because it takes a lot of work and dedication. And the only way of doing it is by being completely a part of this school where you are planted, also one of my recent realizations because it’s not easy to feel “belong” whenever we see school problems and flaws right before our eyes. In some ways it’s discouraging, but in the brighter side, encouraging as well for it means  that there’s still more room for improvements. Again, the same still applies to us because we oftentimes doubt ourselves from accomplishing our goals because of our deficiencies and stubbornness, not knowing that it only takes some patience because everything will be alright as it always did, given more time. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now, to fix everything, slowly but surely, I guess.

For so many times I felt like I don’t belong here, that my course didn’t fit even a half of me, so many doubts, too many failures that I think I’ve had more than enough. So now I will know better. My feet’s already been planted here so there’s no turning back, no other way around  but to keep moving on and finish what I had started, to grow, and if possible, bear more fruits. And  I also hope you will.

EASTWOODS, a place from which the sun arises, a fertile land where plants and trees do grow, a place of challenges and survival. Isn’t it great to grow here, to grow along with this institution? Yes? Then, bloom where you are planted. College life will not always be easy. In fact many have folded, withered and stayed that way. But as long we keep our feet rooted on this ground, and our eyes set on the prize, we’ll continue to grow and weather any storm ahead.


38 thoughts on “Life in the Woods

  1. wow. this is really inspiring jem. again, a million thanks for mentioning me in your post.

    and i’m glad that i inspired you in a way. the feeling is priceless. that’s the best thing about the blogosphere. we inspire each other in our own little ways.

    …and i’m glad to know that you chose to bloom where you are planted right now. hardships and trials are inevitable jem. you should learn to deal with them because there’s no other choice. running away and turning your back is never and will never be an answer.

    I particularly loved this:

    ‘It also came to me that the course we’ve finished won’t define our rate of success once we’ve finally graduated from school. You may land the wrong course, treat it right and it becomes the right one for you. The same way goes with our choice of school.’

    -in the end, success still lies on our own hands. the trick is, don’t compare yourself with the others. at the end of the day, nobody could tell you if you are successful but yourself. not your boss, not your mom, not your professor, only you jem. if you feel good about something, then it’s right. keep it up. cheers. :p

    • hehe..wala yun! 😀 utang ko nga sa’yo kung bakit nakapagisip-isip at naisulat ko ‘yan saka naiinspire talaga ako sa mga kagaya niyong yuppies na, dahil sobrang dami niyo nang nagagawa kaya naman itinaga ko na sa batong magaaral na talaga nang maayos.. 😀

  2. Maybe that’s why even if a bonsai tree is planted on rocks, still, it can make itself beautiful.
    I agree that it doesn’t matter where we are planted, how we grow is more important.
    That is a nice, honest post. I used to feel that way too during my college days.
    Good luck to your studies.
    Keep on blogging!

    • thanks pare..astig yung comparison mo sa bonsai tree aah.. 😀 siguro it also means na kahit gaano kasimple ang isang bagay eh may purpose at significance din ‘toh kaya nabubuhay.. 😀

  3. Wow. Inspiring indeed. In fact medyo nakaka-relate pa nga ako.

    Ako kasi I took nursing since it’s my family’s wish even if it is against my will. Pero during my three years in nursing, parang I’m starting to like and appreciate the course, and came to a decision to finish it. Well, syempre hindi maaalis ang mga trials and problems that at times make me want to quit, but there’s something/someone telling me not to give up and that I should face every challenge with my very best.

    Kaya eto ako ngayon, still surviving. 🙂

    • ‘yan nga din ang naging problema ko sa nakalipas na tatlong tain eh dahil skeptical pa’ko kung itotodo ko na ba or baka magbago ang ihip ng hangin..pero sa huli naisip ko na wala akong mararating kung wala akong “one thing” na bibigyan ng 100% i think kahit na hindi talaga para sa akin ang course ko ngayon, pagbubutihin ko na talaga..who knows ‘di ba? ‘di pa naman huli ang lahat.. 😀

      gudluck sa ating mga students!!!

  4. astig! tinamaan naman ako todits..

    ugali kong takpan ng kung anu-anong sisi
    ang mga mali ko lalo na pagdating sa course ko..
    kaya nga 10yrs na ko sa college e!

    habang nagbabasa ko pakiramdam ko napaka-isip bata ko pala!!tsk..

    • aba ten years! para ka nang nagmeMedicine niyan..haha.. pero okei din ‘yan para sobrang marami ka nang natutunan ‘pag graduate mo.. 😀 newey, ang mahalaga lang nmana eh ‘yung naeenjoy mo ang ginagawa mo..saka maghanap ka ng motivation mo.. 😀 at saka kaunting patience lang talaga..sabi nga ‘diba: good things come to those who ‘yun!

      tnx for visiting.. 😀

  5. ‘It also came to me that the course we’ve finished won’t define our rate of success once we’ve finally graduated from school. You may land the wrong course, treat it right and it becomes the right one for you. The same way goes with our choice of school.’

    Ang galing ng pagkasabi mo Jem. Sa mura mong edad, nakaka mangha na ang pananaw mo ay ganito na kalawak. Like Rye, I totally agree with you. Hanga ako sa kasapigan mo. Keep it up! And don’t stop walking in the path towards your future. It may not be a smooth journey but it’s worth it in the end. I am sure your family is very proud of you. 😀

    • nagulat din ako sa line na ‘yan “ako ba nagsulat nito?” pero ganun talaga eh..we just have to be honest with ourselves.. 😀 newey, salamat sa maraming compliments..actually, isa din ang blogosphere sa nagturo sa akin ng maraming bagay kaya naging malawak na rin ang pananaw at pagintindi ko sa mga bagay one way or another, i owe what i am today to all of you guys..

      naks! 😀

      salamat reesie.. 😀

  6. yeah, life doesn’t always afford us with plenty of choices, but there’s a lot we can do with the options that we do have. it’s just a matter of sticking to a decision and moving forward, resolute, unflinching.

    hi jem! *kaway*

  7. Pagbutihin mo ang iyong pag-aaral. Balang araw aasenso ka din. Kailangan lang ng determinasyon para makamit mo ang hinahangad mo sa iyong buhay.

    • sometimes we will only see greater things once we took our sight off ourselves.. 😀 kasi kung magmumukmok tayo lagi sa mga naging failures and defiencies natin, we never will find contentment talaga..hehe..tenkyu sa compliments joycee..and yeah, i will always be as positive as i can..thanks! 😀

  8. Love it tol! You are b0rn writer!.. Well, just let me tell you this. College is the difficult part of educati0n. Pero mas mahirap ang level 4. Un ay ang maghanap ng w0rk na nasa magandang posisy0n,kung di ka tapos.. So kahit mahirap, go for the goal. Walang mahirap na hindi nabi2gyan ng solusy0n. Take it easy man. But you kn0w what- c0llege is the best.

    • ours is a world of duality..kung may negative, laging may positive..siguro mas marami talagang nangyayaring negative but it always pays up to stick on the brighter side.. ^.^ tenks monz

  9. nakana inspiring!!!

    i may try having a decent lifestyle in the woods, but the only thing that
    is an obstacle for me is the massive growth of weeds. These weeds can regrow
    whenever they like. HA ano daw. hahaha

    ehehehh Galing gusto ko rin tuloy magsulat ng articel.. nakaka inspire!

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