the reason why i haven’t posted anything since the catastrophic saturday was really simple–and stupid I  think: i just couldn’t decide what language to use: English or Tehgalowg? 😀

for days i’ve been under this impression that i need to go back in writing English but i found it really hard to do again. and to tell you the truth (i hope no GenEx Staff reads this) i haven’t finished any of my articles yet, but  i already came out with a good editorial topic though. it was really weird–feeling like  i’ve lost the confidence of its usage, maybe because i’ve already felt comfortable with the Filipino language. but i have to go back now because i’m officially back to writing and a month from now, our last issue will be released and i really have to write well because this will be my last shot. i also need to improve my  grammar because i will be working soon (wish ko lang), as call center agent.

i was desperate. i need to write.  i tried but my thoughts went hay-wire i couldn’t think and write with ease. it was a struggle, really. i even wondered how on earth did even make it to the editorial post or how in the world had i considered myself a writer. but i remembered what i’ve written on Literary Angst, one of my first posts here in pugadmaya:

“Reading works of others feels like I’m getting further and further left behind but I just remind myself to keep writing anyway. And I will surely overcome it and get better, given more time. That’s why it’s nice to have this thing called blog where I can write freely without any cynicism. Here i can write carelessly and yet still be happy… “

yeah. i certainly can do it. did i?



7 thoughts on “nosebleed

  1. I know that you write well, you just have to practice writing in English again. You can still blog using the vernacular anytime you want, but since you’re in a state where you have to let your foreign tongue and fingers on the loose… Go!!! Write in English again!

    Excuse lang ha ano nga pala ang English ng Maya? 😛

  2. you can certainly can do it! hehehe.. typo ata yan pre..

    pero siyempre naman kayang kaya mo yan.. with internet and technology? sus! sisiw!!!

    keep writing!

    JEREMIAH: oo nga noh..di ko napansin yon..sus..pumupurol na talaga ako..haha.. 😀

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