i’m moving…


it feels like i’m only recycling the old bloody poems i’ve written in the past, but

i was just struck by this line, from the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script. And it’s been playing all over again on my pods. (what does it mean, then?)

“Cos if one day you wake up and find that you’re missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you’ll come back here to the place that we’d meet,
And you’d see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.

So I’m not moving…

I’m not moving.”

It really reminded me of someone i used to wait for, someone i wish i had already forgotten. I also wrote a poem, back then, having the same theme. it begins like this.

“the moment you walked,
i should’ve known at once
that it’s time to do the same
and take the other bend of the road
but i just stand here just in case you’d change your mind..”

i don’t know why, but her memories just keeps on disturbing me. but i guess it stops at that. and i’m moving..

“but please….just–“


3 thoughts on “i’m moving…

  1. oh wow that is some song huh? i guess moving on and letting go is one of the toughest test of being human. but you know what? a good soldier fights hard, and knows when to surrender.

  2. a friend lent me her cd of The Script. I copied it to my pc and now to my phone. love it

    mayamon: yeap. it’s really infectious..but i no longer listen to it that much..haha! ‘coz i’m moving šŸ™‚

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