i wasn’t able to attend my technical writing class because of my bed bug cousin i want pinch him. i was knocking hard on the door but he just won’t budge and open the door so that i could get my stuff. in the end, i got home so late, and to my surprise, i still haven’t iron my uniform yet. grrr. now i won’t be having any class until 5, for my bloody trigonometric class. today is monday, and i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be like any other mondays that had passed, except for one simple thing that makes me excited and anxious, at the same time. the printing press is about to deliver GenEx (Genosis Exousia), our school newspaper today–the judgment day!! Mr. EIC is so damn worried. dunno why, but i’m sure i do. how’s that!? *sigh* i am just hoping that everything’s gonna be alright..i’m feeling so stupid right now, i don’t know what else to say or do..gen


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