I still love you. Is that what you want to hear? That tonight like any other night, I think of you? But I know that you can’t hear me, nor will you answer if I’ll write you another letter. But I will write anyway. And this one is for you.

It’s raining here tonight and I’ve just realized why lonely people love it. But I will not go out into the rain and sit on that familiar bench to cry. My pen and paper is solemnly waiting to be picked up, for they are just as lonely as me. They’re telling me that you are only a dream…a dream I soon will forget. But my heart says otherwise. You’re still here…only a dream away.

When I sleep, I dream of you
And fantasies will be so real.
In this secret place I can
Let out all the love I seal.
I wish that time for me will freeze,
And morning may be like the night,
Where dreams of you are dreamt in peace,
Where all my fears are out of sight.
To know that you were never mine
Is the bitter truth that haunts my days.
I’d rather die to escape the pain,
Than to hear the symphony it plays
Tonight as I lay me down to sleep
I once again relive your smile
I may never wake again
I’ll rest my poor heart for a while

this is my entry to EkwentoMO writing contest. Medyo mushy pero pwede na.
the voting is still closed but you can leave a comment here.
the entries page is found here


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