I’ve been disturbed for months about the loss of my beloved “incubator” notes. I was really horrified upon suspecting, and eventually proving that it was. Lost. I used to carry it with me always so that I could write whatever it is that shoots through my mind. It was my “incubator.Β  It also contains a significant amount of information about the short novel I have long dreamt to accomplish writing. All my poems are also in that notebook and I don’t think that I’ll be able to rewrite all of them again. There are lots of them to remember, most I’ve written when I was in a love crap. And after the breakup, I really did regret wasting those words for nothing. So that leaves me with a question. I don’t know what it is but I can say, as my life goes on–that I have lost nothing. I think I just have to forget it and all the dark memories attached to it and start with a clean slate. There’s much more to life I haven’t seen, more inspirations yet to be had, and more lessons I have to learn.

This blog was born out of loneliness. But I’ve decided to change the theme, from dark to this one, for my own good. I also want to post more good things about me, than the sad reveries and angst-driven monologues that fill my mind everyday. I also made up my mind not to join in the EkwentoMo writing contest though I really wanted to a have a free domain( grand prize). But I no longer want to relive the things that made me sad. Instead, I want to have more life in my life. And that means more life on this blog as well.Β  : )


3 thoughts on “change..

  1. hello. πŸ™‚
    nalungkot naman ako kasi nabawasan ung sasali sa contest, pero syempre, masaya rin ako para sayo. dapat naman talaga eh nage-enjoy tayo sa buhay natin.. at ung mga malulungkot na nangyari noon, ibaon na sa limot, pero wag kalimutan ung mga naging aral.. ^^,

    grabe, seryoso ng comment. hehehe..

    goodluck.. ^^,

  2. hello ulit. πŸ™‚

    nga pala, pwede kang magpasa ng kahit na past entry lang. πŸ™‚ kung gusto mo pa ring sumali, pero ayaw mo nang gumawa ng bagong post. ^^,

    i-edit mo lang ung post mo, lagyan mo ng E[kwento]MO logo.. kk.. hehehe.. di naman halatang gusto kitang makasali diba? πŸ™‚

    malay mo bagong domain din un.. bagong buhay. πŸ™‚

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