I wasn’t expecting any good thing to happen as my day drew to a close but playing Sarah Mclachlan’s song, Ordinary Miracle this early morning must’ve done the trick. Haha! Anyway, I was really euphoric that THE EIC POST IS MINE!!! That means I have retained my position as the chief editor of our school newspaper for the next sem’s issue. I could hardly believe it when the OSA (Office on Student Affairs) notified me because I wasn’t really expecting this, not with my unworthy grades and the errors in the recent issue we’ve published. But I was really happy and thankful, though. I’d admit that I am still not that good enough, but the fact that they’ve trusted me again just boosts my morale and esteem. This is the only thing that makes my college life worthwhile. And I’d be more than happy to give my best shot! : )


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