Yuping Pangarap

I wasn’t able to buy a new issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer today. I’ve run out of money so I just resorted to scanning my back issues for some interesting articles i might have overlooked–and there it was the “KWENTONG PEYUPS” of the University of the Philippines, in full color. I was curious and stupid enough to have read the title as KWENTONG [PEH-YUPS] at first, laughed at myself and read on. Soon I found myself tracking down more of it from my other old issues tidily piled under the bed.

The articles are about the lives and experiences of people who have gone to study in UP. It features their story from “getting in” and the twist and turns of their lives inside the campus, but it meant much more than that to me. It inflicted me with the pain I’ve almost forgotten as I once dreamt of studying there too– and failed. So I just gave up. I gave up my dream to become a journalist someday, something my parents have already rejected when I first told them, back in my third year highschool, that I loved my Journalism class and I had this hunch that I’d make a good one.

Now I’ve already spent three years of my college life as ComSci student and accomplished nothing but being the EIC of our school paper. But this is not what I wanted. This is not my dream. And I wonder what could’ve happened if they supported me. Maybe I could’ve been a better writer than this. Maybe I could’ve had a lot of friends instead of being a damned loner. But the stories stirred my heart again. It gave me more reasons to pursue my current course and succeed.

I remembered a great quote I’ve read in Reader’s Digest when I was young:

“It is never too late, in fiction or in life, to revise.”

It’s not over yet 🙂


3 thoughts on “Yuping Pangarap

  1. alam mo, akala ng iba nagmamatter whether you came from UP or other so-called prestigious schools. pero sa totoong buhay, when we get to see the real world — all the illusions of somehow getting on top would vanish. when i graduated from college (i’m from UP, btw) i thought i would be able to get a good job easily, but no. everybody should start at the bottom of the organization. lahat may chance umangat, depende sa diskarte. when i got out of school tsaka ko pa lang natutunan makipaglaban sa tunay na mundo. 🙂

    also, the course has nothing to do with what you will become when you get older. one example is my case.. i graduated with a degree in sociology and a little bit in education.. and where i am now? — im in the corporate world.. struggling to be the best human resources practitioner that i can, and take note: i’ve been into IT industry for quite some time now yet i didn’t have any background in IT even in school. 🙂

    if you are passionate about what you’re doing, regardless of your educational background whatsoever.. you’ll get to reach for your dreams. 😉

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