literary angst

I don’t know if there really is such thing but the dumb term clearly defines the state I’m in now, the feeling of dismay and anguish whenever I try to write but no words come flowing from the tip of my pen. Sometimes I feel like crumpling my journal like crazy and dunk it straight into the rubbish bin.

They say a lot of writers (and those trying to be one) normally experience such kind of pang known as the “writer’s block.” It comes in different shapes and sizes, and usually in those ‘Eureka!” moments when something brilliant shoots through your mind and suddenly you become clueless on how to craft it on to the paper. It is also those instances that one loses his drive (or creative energy as we call it) halfway the process and get stuck like forever. But mine is quite different, or should i say–odd?

Everyone thinks I’m good because I can write; I possess this brain that seems to manufacture instant advises, answers, definitions, self-made theories and explanations about things. I even qualified to be the EIC for our college paper. And it’s really a thing to be looked upon for it, having something good to strut despite my grave factory defects. But to be honest, it has never been that easy for me to write. However, I still believe that I was called to, that’s why I’m still struggling for it. My problem is more of something “mental.” It’s just that when something strikes me and I try to write it down, I struggle with words from the very first sentence. I also have these problems when it comes to the organizations of stuff and ideas. And in some instances I find my self judging my own craft before I even finish it. I’ve already tried to seek remedy but there’s still no beating it. Reading works of others feels like I’m getting further and further left behind but I just remind myself to keep writing anyway. And I will surely overcome it and get better, given more time. That’s why it’s nice to have this thing called blog where I can write freely without any cynicism. Here i can write carelessly and yet still be happy…


5 thoughts on “literary angst

  1. You’re a good writer. Your description fits a lot of writers out there. I think everybody is odd, if you get to know them long enough. Don’t try to be witty, wit comes inexplicably and without method (coined from Stranger tha Fiction).

    Blog on.

  2. whatever comes into your mind, just write it down. you do not have to force yourself to explore that idea at that moment. you’ll find use for that phrase or sentence someday. do not get frustrated. you’re good.

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  4. Hmmm… Hinahanap ko yung sinabi mong essay… Eto na ba yun? 🙂
    Anyways, allow me to give you some wrting tips…

    1. Always carry a note pad and pencil. Whenever you encounter beautiful phrases or lines, write them down. Understand them and give them meaning. This may serve as a reference list when you find it hard to pen an idea or when you want to say something in a different way using other words.

    2. Make use of the dictionary and the thesaurus. Make them your bestfriends.

    3. When you lay down a draft for the first time, throw away subject verb agreement, spelling and tenses. Just write. Do not organize paragraphs or ideas. Write as they come to you. And leave what you wrote for a few hours or even days.

    4. When you go back to what you have written, do the critic. Be unforgiving with spelling and grammar. Layout, re-layout, and do it again. Strike sentences and paragraphs that do not fit in.

    5. When you realize that there is not much material left after your scrutiny, begin again the process. Begin writing and forget grammar and spelling. Save them for later…

    Hope this helps…

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